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Michae Vega

A member registered May 18, 2018

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Ahhhhh... my body is moist!!!

Baldis crackhead sister is at it too?!?! I can’t believe this.. lol good game. Could be more menacing with a few more sfx.

I think I may have discovered the truth of this game and the results may HORRIFY YOU #TakeItUpANotch

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So Mr.Krabs goes to grave robbing. WHAT DA FREAK IS WRONG WITH THIS MANS!?!? Anyway this game made me think about the finer ppoints of childhood, XD

It's probably the STUPIDEST FUNNIEST THING you've seen today. Introducing ROOST or ROAST. A game show i made based on this game. XD Enjoy

Pedo Baldi wants more than marshmallows on this camping trip XD

This camping trip got me worried fam.. Baldi’s got no chill XD

Noooooo Baldi want my booooooooootyyyyyyyy XD

What the freak happened to Marge.. she’s on that shmack boy XD

Yep so many penis jokes.. so little time XD

part 3 of the epic tale to chase down my cheating wife XD

I guess Barry has everything “hand made”... no.. ok I’ll stop XD

How can such a derpy looking crackhead make my body so moist... THE WORLD IS ANARCHY XD

Running from this crackhead makes body moist lol 

Wayyy to ruin my childhood guys... Now I gotta Fight Arthur. Also figured out what animal Arthur is XD

After hours of playing this game, I've finally managed to escape from this crackhead pedophile and MY BODY IS MOIST lol

I think I died....