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Awesome! Would love to see a screenshot posted here so people could see

Hey I included the .fnt file for bitmap font use!

You're right. Thanks for the report!

Neat idea, neat mechanic, neat level design, good music, good atmosphere, qt character.

I do have some criticisms of things that (I think) are severely hurting your game.

1.) You have an "open-world" style level design, which is entirely ok, but since the game is based around this challenging moving mechanic, it makes going around areas that aren't a challenge, or areas you've already been through really annoying.
I thought up two ways you could remove this feeling. One: have regular platformer movement during these areas. Two: Have an overworld/level select screen like Super Mario World or Super Meat Boy.

2.) I like that the amount of dashes you have is represented on your character, but it is hard to read, especially when you're moving around. So you kinda just have to memorize how many dashes you have left.
I recommend instead of a heart meter filling/emptying to represent dashes, you could make the heart bigger/smaller. I think this would be a lot easier to read. Or an easy fix would be to have some GUI meter.

3.) Checkpoints. There aren't enough. A few times during my short game play, I died and respawned a few obstacles behind and it was infuriating because I had already passed it. I understand games do this to add even more of a challenge, but I was still getting use to the controls, so I'd leave this for mid~end game levels.

Other than these everything was cool and I see potential in this. Keep working on it!