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I've been doing this for 20 years and I barely get any comments on my work either, friend. :(

I played your game and found it to be an impressive first effort! Thanks for letting me try it.

thank you, the latest version is on



Here's my feedback, great work, I'd love to see more!

Gonna post a video of yours soon friend!

This looks too spooky for me! Looks really well done too.

Typical Adrien comment: friendly and polite. I would have expected different but NO, always a good guy this one. GEEZ. 🙄

Clever concept! Is there any way to predict what direction a new dancer will add to the pattern?

Here's my feedback! Fun game!

u should pair this character with a ladybug

Thanks, we like to revisit things so we may do something like it someday (☆∀☆)

Does it randomize the souls each run? I was kind of curious about that.

Great work! I just gave it a raw play through on my feedback channel, as is my tradition I managed to mess up the tutorial but the game really shines as a polished simple charming and fun puzzler.

That fixed it thanks!

I do not think its the performance of my machine as I can run most 3d games on it, its an 8 core 4ghz machine. I suspect it has to do with refresh rate?

(Thanks for subbing to my channel!)

Not sure what the glitch is either but if they physics calculations are tied to the frame rate then a different monitor refresh rate could cut the speed of the game down greatly. I'm not sure how things are set up in the code, but each frame should be calculating the changes in speed based on the time that passed from the last frame.

Looks and sounds great. I had a little trouble with Sonic's momentum building up too slow, not sure if that is a frame rate glitch or what. Also the level design was a bit confusing. Here is my Gamedev Feedback for the first level:

Keep up the great work!