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Hello. I played your game and overall think it's a nice foundation for something that could have potential. I don't have much time so I'll make it quick :)

-It would be nice if you differentiated the enemies a little better especially in the early stages. 

-Most of the game looks like you basically completed the engine aspect but not the graphic aspect. I'd recommend a slightly better aesthetic. It's ok if you want to just use shapes, but use them in a way that looks pleasant. Make obstacles look like things that I shouldn't want to touch. At first I couldn't tell what an obstacle was until I touched it.

-Tighten up the UI design. The title menu could use more finesse as well as utilize better transitions

-Not everyone uses a mouse or has access to one (I currently don't have one on me) so playing with the trackpad (although artificially challenging) is not necessary and takes away from the core function of the game. Controls are everything and can make or break your game. Please include keyboard controls...I'm sure it will make it slightly easier but work your game around that parameter. 

Keep it up! You have accomplished a lot already and it's only going to get better!