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Wow, those would be so trippy as backgrounds! It would stand out in such a weird (but good!) way from normal RM art and make it unsettling! Especially the orange one, I could totally see that being used as a new cult insignia or something XD

Well thank you! I'm glad you still enjoyed the challenge. That gives me more confidence to experiment in the future!^^ And I wish you luck in finding an engine, but don't stress about it too much. RM horrors have been made across nearly all RM engines, so whichever one you choose will have some great games it's been made with to look up to!

I only have experience with MV and MZ, so my opinion is biased, but I think it depends on your budget! MV goes on sale for like 75% off fairly often and MZ is so close to it it may as well just have been an update-plus MZ hasn't caught up on plugins, so MV is a solid choice. However, now the support for the future will be with MZ, so it's the technical "best" engine if you're willing to pay full price since it's the newest. Personally I started with MV and recently switched to MZ for my fourth game (which is why some of the plugins I used in the last games won't work :( But I think it's for the better in the long run. If in doubt, you could look at some online reviews that compare engine differences so you can get a better idea of which ones line up with your interests!

And thank you! I'm glad it was convenient for you to use because yeah, I didn't want the ending to be blocked off by the fight-especially with the unstable mechanics XD (Though I later found out people have much more trouble with the water part! I'll try not to have another puzzle like that in the future)

Making original music and graphics would be a lot of extra work, but it would be so awesome and people would recognize that extra effort! Having control of it you could make every little detail complement each other! And the funny thing was I started by drawing comics and writing books but then went to games, which explains the story focus and the... minimalistic gameplay XD But I'm learning how to do it better. And I think basing it off dreams is a fantastic idea! That kind of thing really fascinates me, especially after seeing liminal space pictures and what not!

You should go for it! With engines like RPG maker it can be pretty easy to get into, and there are plenty of free resources you could use from art to music. You can start out with a small project and make it bigger from there if you find out you like it! And I would be really excited to see what you could do! What kind of games are you thinking of making? Or have you not decided yet (which is totally valid XD)?

Oh that's a good point! Looking back I found that there are some different ones <XD And I guess it depends on the one who makes the iceberg. I expected them to arrange by obscurity but based on what you said, maybe some of them really are by horror and suspense!

That is really interesting! Unfortunately I don't know any of the bottom tier ones-farthest down that I do know is Dead Dreams (second last tier). But I think it's awesome that there's an iceberg for that because I've been watching a lot of horror icebergs on Youtube... and I wonder how much the creator knows? Considering they know about them, they had to be able to find them somewhere!

Haha now you know what I mean XD And the language errors are cause he's from Brazil and speaks Portuguese (if I remember correctly! But I think that's it!) But yeah he really just threw whatever he wanted in there for fun and even though it's slightly less professional, I love it! A work of pure passion. And fun fact, one of the graves references Rene Wurz-the youtuber who does the Creepypasta challenges I join! Watching him play Creepypasta land introduced me to both him and the RM horror genre. And now six and seven years later, he's playing my games! Blows my mind XD

Yeah, one time I heard someone say of indie games (especially horror ones) is that they can do the crazy or random ideas a big company would play it too safe to invest in, which makes them that much more unique! And I agree about your point on emotions. That's one of the big things I like about Creepypasta Land, because even though there were some technical problems with it, it had so much personality! And awesome, I'll keep that in mind with Undertale! And haha no worries, I understood most of your emojis! Like this :)

Oh wow, really? That's too bad! I take that sort of thing for granted in America. Is it the language barrier or are the websites themselves blocked off? But at least you were able to play those games! And Undertale is one I actually haven't played yet but have been meaning to XD

Yeah! Those two are really good, but I'd say my favorites aren't on itch. It's hard to pick, but I'd say Ib is my favorite because of the great use of custom art, Witch's House is runner up for all the deaths, I love the weirdness of Yume Nikki, and my nostalgia pick is Creepypasta Land-a kind of obscure one but the very first RM horror I saw that got me into the genre!

You don't have to feel guilty, and even free things like the ratings you gave me help a lot so my games can get seen! That said, I do really appreciate the financial support as well and I'm honored you'd choose me in such a large sea of developers XD I know what you mean though, it is pretty daunting but also exciting. I was actually inspired to make games after playing a bunch of awesome rpg maker games from others developers!

Yeah! And wow, thank you so much!!! That's very kind of you, I really appreciate it!

Don't worry about it! It's too fast for most native speakers too-adding to the confusion. Even if you could read it, it wouldn't make sense yet anyway. But I'm glad it piqued your interest!

No problem! Seeing what you and other players think is one of my favorite parts of being a dev!

Oh! It's just there to imply that there's more forest beyond that village, but you never need to explore that part in the game, if that makes sense! Kind of like how you can't go upstairs in TWSTM, but they're there to show there was more of the house the family used to live in. Don't worry about it! Also, congrats on finishing all three games :D I know that last one had a couple brutal sections. And you're just in time, the fourth one will be out in a few days!

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Thank you! I'm glad you payed attention because there's a lot that some people miss out on! But if I made the game force you to see all the weird changes, then that would take away the discovery. (And haha, weird creatures indeed...!) I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

That makes me so happy!!! Since my games are story-focused I'm really glad that got to you! And I'm also glad you're playing more of my games, because the stories are interconnected like pieces of a larger puzzle. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and let me know :D

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! First place was the Wurz Chronicles (Episode 1) by Retrodev. I think you can find it on gamejolt

Awesome! I hope you enjoy it, I'm proud of how this one turned out! But just a warning, some of the puzzles are going to be really difficult XD

Thank you so much for trying! I'm very sorry it isn't working for you. I'm not an expert on how the software works, but from what I can find, it looks like RPG Maker's exports work differently across certain versions of Mac due to updates and support issues... And it sounds like you have an unsupported version. I will try to find a way around this, but in the meantime, I recommend trying an unbottler! I've heard those can help with Mac compatibility. Once again, I appreciate your interest and thank you for letting me know what's going wrong so I can try to fix it! My future games, including one that will be out in just a couple of weeks, will be made with RPG Maker MZ which works on Mac os 10.13 or better, if you have that. 

No problem! I'm glad you took the time to let me know the issue, so I can begin fixing it! And if you ever have other questions, or find other glitches, I'll be glad to hear them :)

Oh, thank you so much for letting me know! I searched it up and from what I understand, basically google changed the way the software works in an update this year and RPG Maker can't export that way. So I'm sorry to say, you won't be able to play it on android yet but I will try to fix that soon! In the meantime I'll let the others know with a dev log.

Oh no! Which version is it? I was only able to playtest the windows version because that's the computer I have but I can still try to fix it!  And thank you, I appreciate your kind words and letting me know! 

Hey thanks so much for posting! I don’t have a Mac myself so I was never able to test it. You’re the best ^^

Just watched the video earlier and I love your commentary! Once again, thank you so much for playing another one of my games :D It starts a little slow while it sets up the scene, but there will be a couple more scares later-though, probably not as scary as TWSTM in the end, because I was going for something different here. Still, I hope you enjoy! (And stick around after the credits ;) Really looking forward to part 2!

Thank you so much for posting here to let me know!!! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed my game, and I love your video! Great job beating the puzzles and making it all the way to the end-and thanks, that scene was my favorite to work on XD There's just something really fun about writing broken characters...

Ok, I'll try to fix that! Thanks for letting me know!

Haha I can see what you mean, there is some really crazy stuff in there XD Part of what made it so fun to make though! And SPOILER WARNING---

Look in the trees on the 2nd night ;)

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Puno ti hvala :D

Thank you so much!!! And haha, I did have a lot of fun writing that last scene! Crazy stuff like that is my favorite to work with. As far as the story goes, each game I make is like one more piece to the puzzle, so you can play and get more information without worrying that the whole thing will be spoiled for a long time to come. The story I have planned is massive-it actually started as a book series I was writing! I always thought I would publish the books first, but when the competition came I stepped up to the challenge of making a game and here we are now XD 

Thank you for playing all my games and for stopping by to write the kind and detailed comments! Things like this really make my day :) And getting to hear how people react to my games is so thrilling, it makes those crunch times worth it! I'm so glad you enjoyed these games, and I'll keep doing my best going forward and making new ones. And if you want to stay in touch while I work on the next game, we can chat on Twitter or Discord any time!

Haha thanks XD 

And good job getting both endings! I know that mirror room pumpkin key can be difficult to find. The game was released in October about a week before Halloween, so it was perfectly in season! Now it's a little nostalgic. Also if you found the TWSTM secret, you should have had the right numbers for the drawer-maybe you accidentally wrote one down in the wrong order? If you want, I can tell you again so you don't have to do all that backtracking for something you already found.

Thank you so much for the kind words :D I'm thrilled that you got so much enjoyment out of it! It's actually been very close to a year since I made this game, so I'm working on a little anniversary surprise for the 31st. As for the easter egg, I do have to warn you it is extremely difficult to find! Try looking where you think the game wouldn't allow ;) Thanks again for playing my game and I can't wait to hear how your hunt goes! Good luck!

Try the folder labelled (Android) at the end! I think it works for iphones too if you use one of those, but that's the mobile version :)

All three? Thank you so much!!! It's a lot of effort so thank you for being willing to help so much, that's really special! When I'm ready to get started (after the one I've started in Portuguese), I'll get in contact with you and we can talk more about it.

Oh, sorry if the order's confusing! Even though Jesse makes brief appearances in the endings of the other two games, you play as a different character each game. This game (the third one) was the first where you actually play as Jesse, and so far the order you play them in doesn't matter much, but The Well Speaks To Me is technically the first game and They Watch From The Walls is the second game. Hope that helps! In the future, I'll try to make the order more apparent XD

I really loved the sprite, she's so cute! And the maze section really got me a couple of times, just not knowing where that guy could pop out next really heightened the suspense! Even though it's short, I enjoyed it, and the custom art and the story are cool too! Can't wait to see what you make next! Also I see you used a little section of the caves in my game, was that to symbolize her depression or something? I'm a little confused, but I thought it was a fun addition(biased though I may be XD)

Thank you so much, that's awesome! I'm currently doing my first translation project for another one of my games, but if translating works out well, I'll be sure to contact you later when I'm free!

Thank you so much for playing my game!!! I absolutely loved how you got into character for the cutscenes, especially the part where Maigata talks about how "Only a madman would want to go deeper into the Forest..." And good job solving all the puzzles and making it all the way to the end! I enjoyed this video very much :D