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bro really pulled a "nuh uh"

18 😎

Day 6 here! <3

Day 6 Has Arrived! :] (its another version) (the better one)

It's done you are free to play now!

Thanks! i styled it customly using css

also ur right, im porting it to mac right now, will update when finished!

Hi i also made a vresion of your game pls go check it out 

I have also made a version of this game but its very different, maybe go check it? pls

Will you try my take on this project too? its very different and has a unique twist

Hi! I have also made a version of this game and i would love it if you checked it <3

How have you ported this to webgl i triedand i couldnt :(

Hey dude can you take a look at my version of the connected planets build bc it opens but the ui just doesnt work..

I think it might be the version bc i read somewhere touch doesnt work on that specific version on webgl so im currently upgrading it rn but i dont want to not be included in the video :(

AAAA how have you done thissssss ;-;

pls help i cantttt

ok progress is being made try it now pls

also what do you think about the page?

the cover isnt finished yet..

Pls Check it now

im on it

Check it now pls

of course the page is very much not completed right now i just wanted to make it to the deadline

also: is the game playable for you bc im trying to check if the upload worked

ParaDiver! community · Created a new topic My Baby! <3

Oh my god it's so much fun seeing my little baby prototype develop into a full blown game ;-;

i love every single one of the people that used my game so much <3

Me too! :)

omg im so proud of what my silly little prototype has become! <3 <3 <3

Oh my god i was sad and i didnt think someone wouldremix muy game, how fun! yay <3

The visuals for this game are absolutely incredible and certinely give off the feeling you get when someone is watching you, im really fond of minimalism and i had fun playing your game.

 the only thing that was a bit off putting is how easy the game actually is, maybe if there were 9 more hunters it would have been more fun or something.

overall i enjoyed this game very much and i think this deserves something like 7.7/10


Here it is:

(1 edit)
Strawberries: 4
Time: 49:28
Deaths: 562(!)

Playing this game was the most fun i had playing a video game since i played hollow knight multiplayer with my cousin three months ago

if Celeste is like this game then im totally buying it now.

Also theres no way THIS was created in only three days it's just impossible, three days is the time it took me to make a dice for my game lol.

(ps: I HAVE to make a TAS (tool assisted speedrun look it up) for this game)

haha i may was overreacting bc it was midnight for me and i was crying about two virtual guys but it is a very good game i have played some of your other games too, you are a talented game developer in every aspect of it

This game.. This game made my heart grow, my eyes water, my heartbeat fasten. this game touched me deeply in the most secure of rooms in my heart.

this game is designed so good i forgot real life while playing, the struggles of life miniscales into dust while playing this game, the art is nothing short of breathtaking, fine tuned to the tiniest of detail, tieing this masterpiece together with amazing vfx and the cutest dialogue written so beutifully i fell in love with the characters only by their talks.

this game is one of the best made games out there, it is mind boggling to me how i encountered such a game for free, i pray you'll decide to keep adding acts to this game and if needed i will buy it. This game made me laugh, love and cry and its one of the best pieces of media to exist in my opinion.

Well done, well done <3

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the genuine feedback and im so glad you had fun playing my game! <3

If not can you make up one just for me so i will have a starting point, and maybe a limitation as well?

the title says it all

how good are you in unity?

Wtf lmaooo

Thanks for playing! Yes i have noticed the beep is too loud but i didnt have time to fix it yet

I fixed it! You can play the game now (yay!), Also i updated the game's page see if u like it, bye! :D

I fixed it! You can play the game now (yay!), Also i updated the game's page see if u like it, bye! :D

Hi dude! just wanted to tell you that i fixed it and you can play the game now but you might have to redownload it.

also i updated the game's page, thats it bye :D

yes you're right, ill look into it and notify you when it's fixed.

btw i loved your game so much and im glad you wanted to test mine :)

wow this is a really fun game!
woW thOs is reallly fuח G#me!
MסW tח*& R]]Y g~~~~~~~~~~~)MWE?
W)OMB. T&HIS%J DP(*$% J)) G.AM4E?!
-~)03---# -b-@@-0-- }}}- _מיכאל-#+=-

Best game *easily*, this one's a winner! 100/10,

the graphics, the music that rapidly speeds up, the learning curve and the decipting cute appearence all come together to make this absolutely amazing game. i cant grasp the fact that it was made in only three days its mind blowing.

great work, kudos to u and feel free to check my game too ;)