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Woah, this feels like a ttrpg version of an old 90s computer game called Starship Titanic, except probably better than that. I'm really excited to try this out

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Adding a little more color and art is definitely the next step I hope to take this. If I can figure out ways to add depth without making it less beginner friendly, I will do that too. Was there anything you felt you had unanswered questions about?

Paint of Persia community · Created a new topic Zoom?

Apologies if I've missed it somewhere but is there a way to zoom in? I'm trying to do some images with a larger grid and it's a little harder to be precise at larger sizes. A zoom feature would help me a lot.

You’ve already mentioned them but I like Faith as a theme. Also Hot Dog Water.

Arms lost and found would be cool too.

Sorry I don’t have any of my own to contribute.

Good idea! I just listened to a podcast about it here and it sounds really cool

Thank you and good idea. I'll start adding links to each game.

Ran into a weird bug where the game would only show a white screen unless I lowered the resolution but loved it otherwise. Great work!