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Michael Klamerus

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Thank you for making this! If only I could send it back in time to myself like 10-15 years ago!

There wasn't one. It was just an unranked jam.

woah, that rules!

Ok, it's open!

I can totally open up the jam so you can add it if you want!

Yay, got permission to try to adapt Wych Words to a text adventure game!

This was wonderful and I'm looking forward to more rpgs from you.

No FMV but I still liked it

Even though you can't wish for more wishes, this is a good game

Heck yes

I think visual novels are fine! I should update the jam rules. And yeah, it's fine to submit a half-done project. The jam is basically just supposed to be a low stress environment to make an IF game.

Looks like the link goes to a private page that requires a password but the profile can be accessed here

Personally I'm fine with any of my games being made into video games. I don't know if any are a good fit for one but feel free to check them out. You can DM me on Twitter if you're interested in adapting one or want a free copy of any of my games.

This is a thread for developers to say which games they are adapting. It doesn't mean you have to finish game and if you are working on something, it doesn't mean you have to post in here. It's just a place to talk about what you're working on.

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This is a thread for people to say if they're up for others to adapt their games to other mediums. If there's a game you see listed that you want to adapt, please contact the developer first and get permission.

I’ve only played with it a little bit but I really love it so far. 

Heck yes, this is rad

I would just start off with something very simple like this guide and start making stuff.

Once you get to play with Twine a little bit and decide you like it and want to style your game, I think this free guide is very useful

It's totally fine! I'm looking forward to checking it out

Oh yeah, working in a team is totally fine!

Thank you so much! I really appeciate the feedback

Thank you so much!

Shattered: Streets of Fear, 1996, Orange Pépin

Here is where you can make up your own imaginary computers!

This is where you can send in your archived computer game!

Post your thoughts and reviews here!

Post your questions about the game here!

go for it! It’s not a competition, just a jam, so do whatever you want with your game

Thank you!

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

10/10 name

I never even heard of this computer before and now I'm really excited to try out your game

It was a flash game before 2 came out but kinda got lost since Flash is no longer supported by browsers.

I wouldn't since it's owned by another company

Thank you for making the game! I’ll have to check out the others too!

I think it was actually this tweet that made me add it to my wishlist months ago and I just finally got around to picking it up

Also a small correction, I just remembered I played Jetpac forever ago so it's technically not my first Spectrum game but it's the first one in a very long time.

Love this. This is actually the first Spectrum game I've ever played so I appreciate the emulator recommendation as well

I would be fine with it, especially if you're making something that's similar to a DOS game you enjoy.

Congrats on releasing your first game!