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Nope, there’s no limit

Of course!

Weird, ok. It looks like the Itch page changes the URL to when the full URL is actually I'll try to figure out a way to stop this. Thank you!

Thank you for letting me know. It may have just been temporarily down because it seems to work now.

Absolutely. I did. It's an unranked jam and the rules allow it. In the previous jam earlier this year, someone actually dug up DOS games that they wrote and uploaded them to Itch for the jam and I thought that was really cool. The game jam is really just an excuse to geek out over DOS.

Thank you!

This would make my life so much easier and I have friends that would appreciate it too. People really shouldn't have to do the bundle thing that the games Can Androids Pray? and Cellular Harvest have done as a workaround. Game development is usually a collaborative process.

I also really wish that bundles could be split on a more granular level than whole percentages. Once you have a number of games in there past 5, it gets really hard to divide the proceeds unless someone wants to Paypal the other devs the extra money they've received. I love Itch but both of these features would make my life easier.

Thanks! I wasn't familiar with Tanis until now but it seems neat

This was fun. Thanks!

You’re more than welcome to mention your game in the #projects  or #feedback channel in GameDevMI if you’re looking for players too

thank you!

I really love that you used the same aesthetic as the Ecstatica games and look forward to more

thank you!

This was really cool. Are there any plans to continue development of this? I think other people would be into a spiritual sequel to Red Baron as well

Really late to playing this but I loved this. I'm a huge Skyroads fan so it was a lot of fun to play a different take on it

Finally got around to playing this. I loved it!

Thank you so much! There was a brief period where I thought about making a horror game that looked like this because I loved the games Shadowrun and Deja Vu for the Mac but it was just too hard to do that art, especially because I'm so inexperienced with that kind of stuff.

I am so incredibly excited to try this

This looks so cool. Have you talked about how you developed it anywhere? I'd love to learn how to use hypercard

This was a really cool concept. Had fun playing with my daughter, who liked making the ship shoot

I will always be awful at Boulder Dash but I loved this

Thanks for submitting this. I had fun playing it

Had fun playing it. I liked the art and sound design too!

Had fun playing both of your games!

Woah, I love that you did this. Haven't tried it yet but I'm looking forward to it. This is a really interesting project

woah, congrats on finishing your first game! It's really cool

Congrats on making your first game!

I LOVE that you just submitted four DOS games. Excited to play them later

This is really cool!

It can absolutely be a text game and you can use whatever engine or language you want to make it

Love it. Thanks for submitting it!

Looks great! I'm excited to play it

Looks really cool!

Any engine is ok!


Starts on March 1st and goes until the end of the month but it's totally fine to start before then.

Yep! That’s totally fine

No, I just worded that poorly. My intention was to word it so it can be things like tabletop games inspired by DOS games too.