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Michael Klamerus

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oh wow!


Is the soundtrack available anywhere?

So cute and a lovely soundtrack too

Discovered this through the new Indiepocalypse and thought it was wonderful

There are now! Thanks for letting me know it ran out

this was incredible!

oh nice, I just got into stop motion so I'll have to check this out soon

Thank you for checking it out!


Thank you so much for checking it out!

This was so cool

I have just been informed that it basically is a lost Amiga game, lol. Anyway, great game!

Wow, this feels like I'm playing a lost Amiga game. I love it

This game rules

This was really cool!

Very excited I now own a game worth $5,000

Wow, this is fantastic

Thank you for checking it out!

This was great!

(1 edit)

This was great. I would love to see more chapters



Played this last week and loved it. My friend and I spent half the time talking about how good of a system it was for generating new worlds and how it could be adapted for other settings

Just remembered this game and would love to see future volumes involving other rooms in a home to relax in

I loved this. It was so nice to play a spiritual sequel to stuff like Heretic and Hexen

This has my cat in it so it's the greatest game of all time

So cool seeing some of my favorite games from my childhood on here!

This was great!

lol yep, you nailed it

Still playing through it but what an incredible game. I'm stunned by how much effort was put into a free adventure game

Good idea, or something that shows the last 10 results or something. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I’m a big Party of One fan so it was an honor to hear it played on there

This sounds so cool! Looking forward to checking it out later

That's awesome! Your generator is way cooler

This was great!

What a wonderful game!

Thank you for making this! If only I could send it back in time to myself like 10-15 years ago!

There wasn't one. It was just an unranked jam.