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Une chouette tranche de vie, merci !

I think it is unspeakable. Which is Apple-language for "good".

I'm dead of laughter.

I chose to go back, I was scared of what would happen to me in the forest world, and I wanted to speak to my friends. Loved the story.

Je ne crois pas. J'ai deux types de dialogues : 1) sans bulle et en boucle, 2) déclenchés par une action de ma part et dans une bulle.

J'ai trouvé l'esthétique globale très juste pour le sujet traité, c'était une expérience sympa !

I had a good time playing. Loved especially the art, the characters, and the narrative concept. Thank you!

Merci pour le commentaire ! Clairement c'est ultra simple et pas idéalement réalisé.

La position des choix et le manque d'interdépendance est super limitée par rapport à ce que pourrait permettre l'intrigue et Twine. C'est une micro-fiction interactive qui devait être analysée dans un cours sur le scénario de comic strips et qui initiait aux fictions interactives, donc ça fait le job mais si je devais le refaire, je changerai la structure sans la complexifier.

Pour qui ? 


You genuinely try to understand a humble man and his impossible creation. The mechanic is caring. The narrative tension is "will I get his trust". Loved all that. Hail to the Devil, though.

Beautiful. The music, the story, the idea.

I want more stories about you and your partner. This was the cutest bitsy.

This ghost poem was a beautiful travel and an elegant use of Bitsy. Thank you.

Loads of fun! Love the easy to handle progression, and multiple tactics to get great results.

That is a beautiful progress tracker and work organiser. Wish it were also online and in app to follow me anywhere :) 

Note: It took me some time to see the "drop me in Tape" file :D 

It's a synthetic, adaptable, comfortable little app. I think I'd like it on my phone, if I had an iPhone.

This was a bittersweet story, beautifully executed with good art and writing. Thank you.

C'est dingue ce que vous avez pu faire. C'est très élégant et mignon. J'espère que vous le continuerez.

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The Ultimate Placeholder. Excellent !

C'est sadique et bien écrit. Ou bien écrit et sadique, je sais pas.

Excellent, j'ai franchement bien rigolé :) Le twist sur l'utilisation de la voix m'a tué.

I am witness, the tacos is not a lie.

C'est un bon moment à passer, calme et harmonieux, avec un clin d'oeil méta bien sympa.

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Hey there,

I am a French game designer and producer with little experience in game jams. I've worked in project management and game design on a board game, a VR communication game and some roleplaying games (live action or tabletop), only on games carrying message or educational content, only in French yet.

Three small narratively experimental games are on my  (in French unfortunately):

Since I'm not experienced in game jams, I would be thrilled to join an existing project or team and to participate any way you seem fit. I'm in for the journey and the hard work and teamwork :) 

You can contact me on my Twitter: or Discord: Gyr#9646.

Best rainbow regards ;)


Merci beaucoup pour ce retour. L'auto-fiction est un exercice étrange.

Down to earth choices here. Delusion. Abuse. Tried the options that match my first idea, and had the impression they were the most believable. Tried the imaginative options and had the impression that they were just the start of a psychosis. Also, I was biased by my having played "Behind Every Great One" and assume political posture from the authors. Thank you for the experience  :)