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Nice little short game, biggest plus I see is animation, it just feels alive <3

Very comfy game, with sweet dialogues and unique creatures <3

I didn't read what the game was about but I got it in bundle and it looked nicely. I was expecting good game but what I got is exceptional game! I really felt what the game is trying to get me feel and I was greeted by flashbacks of my own camping experiences with my parents (triggered by sound of going inside tent).  This game has really good dialogues and story, it feels real, it feels like you are each of the character in that trip which gives depth to your potential real life campings :) I can only recommend this there is no catch. It feels like characters are real people with questions I had in their age and adults are having questions I am slowly starting to have. I appreciate good stories and this one is exceptional, without repeating my points again thank you developers that you made this game :)

Nice game! Very unique and playful. Everything in it seems alive like a small pieces world you can look into for short amount of time. It is very well done and deserves all the praises it can get.  

Very nice game, I played it on Anifilm festival and was very entertained. Now I played it at home and finished it. I like a lot of details in it. 10/10 would recommend. I hope there will be more levels <3

Great fun game, some puzzles take a few tries to figure out but nothing you would get stuck on. It is mostly chill and sometimes mysterious.

Very nice game, I played it before sleep and it calmed me like a lullaby <3

Very good little fun game, with depth in simplicity :)