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Thanks for the comment Neco The Sergal! :)
appreciate the feedback and it helps! :)

Thanks for the comment MADGaming! :)

Thanks for sharing jdotplay! :) Appreciate the comment!

Thanks for the comment Clown Nebula! :)
Appreciate the feedback and fun seeing you share the experience! :)

Thanks for sharing the experience Denchik F :)

Thanks for the comment Powerfool! :)
We'll see how far the game project goes! :)

Fun for sharing the exerience CjuGames! :) We'll see where the game goes :)

Thanks for the comment Pecanyoutube! :)

Thanks for the comment NZBEASTNODE! :)
Fun seeing you share the experience :)

Thanks for the comment sourabhamigi! :)
Appreciate the feedback and consider it in the future :)

Thanks for the comment and sharing Sir Xuganaught! :)

Thanks for the comment Awesomnessticity! :)

Thanks for the comment aadonald55! :)

Thanks for the comment BMC-UNIT! :) fun seeing you share the experience!

Thanks for the feedback wolpht! :)
Yeah we'll see where the game ends, would lvoe to work more on it so i appreciate the comment! :)

Thanks SocksyFranny! :) appreciate the feedback! :)

Thanks for the comment and sharing the experience SuperHorrorBros! :)

Thanks for sharing Blootrix! :) Might be somewhat dead yeah..

Thanks for the comment Mister and the feedback will consider this in the future and appreciate it! :)

Thanks for the comment pickledraws :) Yeah all the assets and level creation was made during these 9 weeks :)

Fun hearing that you enjoyed it Saucy iguana7! :)

Thanks MatrixEnzo! :) We'll see where this game ends!

Thanks for the comment WilburSprinkle! :)

Thanks for sharing Slester :)

Thanks JB! :) Appreciate the comment and fun seeing you share the experience :)

Oh nice! I really appreciate that :) We'll see where the game goes!

That's awesome, thanks :) Yeah as mentioned it is mystery tunes

Thanks a lot, we'll see where it ends :)

Thanks a lot :)

Fun your sharing the experience, appreciate it! :)

Thanks a lot raph22, yeah its pretty short on story and content :)

Thanks a lot Gizmode, I will try look into that lighting issue :)

That's awesome to see, thanks!

Thanks a lot cmodplays! :)

Thanks Famed Killjoy! :) Yeah that was one of the main references when working with it so it is a good compliment! :)

Thanks alot Felloplayer, appreciate the comment :)

We'll see how it ends, thanks for sharing! :)

That's awesome, thanks for sharing! :)