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Mica Manticore

A member registered Feb 16, 2017

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This was such an awesome game! It took some real outside-the-box thinking to figure some of it out. Well done! I had a lot of fun playing and recording it! Of course, if you prefer, I won't upload it or i can edit out the solutions if it helps.

That's right! I loved the game and wanted to give it a full series. Although, I had to step up my censoring game a bit, being youtube and all. Wonderful game! 

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Hi, Soulsoftea! I just wanted to say thank you for this awesome game! I look forward to trying to get all endings, but I'm unsure of what to do, or what ending I got... I have a series going, uploading every Sunday until all episodes are uploaded. They're here if anyone is interested! I have the demo playthrough I did, followed by the two videos I have - as of now - of the full playthrough. Enjoy!

This game was hilarious and weird and scary all in one. Weirdest game I've played by far...

Fantastic, I'll be sure to do that!

I emailed you the link, but it is also here for anyone in the comments who wants to check my channel out!

Also, I had some formatting issues with OBS that cut out the text for a bit of the game. I fixed it fairly quickly though, and I read almost all of the text.

I'm uploading my first episode in which I played the whole demo. Fantastic game and I had a lot of fun with it! I'd love to get the full game, but my question is - is the full game out yet? When I first downloaded the demo, itch gave me the option to buy it or get the demo, of which I chose the latter. Now there is no such option.