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nice stolen pointless maps and sprites lol

Just listing it here- the chat in front of the manor doesn't seem to have had a check in place to make sure it doesn't appear when you haven't obtained the third member like the rest do!

God, stumbling on this page was such a rush of memories back. I remember stumbling on this back in like 2019 and thinking it was a cool concept. God it's just amazing to me that I've gotten to re-stumble on it, and it's amazing to see it's been finished!

I loved the absolute hell out of this entire experience, the world felt lived in and given enough prose to make everything understandable but still left room for some interpetation.  And the ever-growing distain between the two characters was really well cemeted by the skills they learnt later on!

Honestly it was a dynamic that throughout never really stopped feeling interesting, seeing how these two who absolutely hate eachother needed to achieve the same thing. Neither felt flat, even Julius felt fleshed out to the point that you could understand how he became who he is now.

Especially love the Healer's way of doing magic, it's not something I've personally seen done much when it comes to doing magic like it was here and it honestly made for a pretty refreshing experience when it came to how they worked and meshed together!

Everything felt really thought out and purposeful, not a skill that ever felt completely pointless to have. This is genuinely great and I'm so glad to have stumbled back on it! 

Best of luck to you on any of your later projects! Currently basically having brainrot in a good way over this game :P!

thank you for this genuine masterpiece

this game changed my life

fuck you.

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this is an amazing comedy.

hehe funny monkey (:

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it made me feel is fearless