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Nice concept. In the beginning, I was confused. I would like to see this game in more polished version.

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I like the art, but the games seem buggy, I am getting glitched into bounding boxes, and the paper layers are clipping. The camera movement is dizzy and I dislike the speedy movement. At the end of level 1, I got stuck completely when the scientist dialog bugged into white box.

I must appreciate going SOLO into gamejam

Very nice puzzle game. Nice details and polish. I got stuck on the xylophone level.

Very nice game, I was in quite a long flow in Hotline Miamy feel state. I was playing very aggressively but in the end, there was no need for that, no benefit. Also, it is a kill-finger game.

The sound effect will add some nice polish. I am looking forward to see another version

I had a hard time keeping myself in the flow. The pace of the game is slightly broken. On the one side is slow-moving enemies; on the other is the need to move quickly when you miss. Also, it was complicated form me to adjust to the fact, that spells are cast from the area around the head and not from the center of the sprite.

I have to compliment a nice description for each spell and bestiary.