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Amazing, I haven't seen anything else like this before in these Pico 1k jams or tweet-tweet-jams.
The color shift on each level really provides that little bit of incentive to keep going.

Very clever avoiding a game-over screen and restart, and just clearing the score on "death".

I didn't realize the character "웃" icon looked so good.  Will have to try those in the future.

Great job fitting the cool looking skateboarder and score and game-over screens in 500 characters.

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Your 500 byte demo blew my co-workers expectations about the possibilities of Pico-8 in 500 characters away.

This is amazing.  So clever making each collision do a different sound, and the mouse control is perfect. 

Any chance you can make the p8.png available?  I would like to play this on my PSVita using fake-08, to play it on a portable.

Awesome game.  I love the creep-out factor when you get eaten by the enemy bugs, and become part of them.

Impressive minimization of frogger.  Was caught off-guard with logs moving causing the frog to drop.  Maybe something more like the aligators in the original frogger, that pop in and out?

I'm a big fan of these "eat the smaller fishes" games, and to see all the cool graphics effects in a 1k game really pushes this over the top.  The fish themselves are fun, bright, and colorful. 
Good job!

Awesome game.  I love the creep-out factor when you get eaten by the enemy bugs, and become part of them.

Can  you repost the commented source code?  Looks like the hastbin link from the pico1k jam is down.

Finally had a chance to load this p8 cartridge on our RGB Arcade.

Thanks for making such a great game.

That would be great, as I already bought the game.

Looking forward to playing it on here...

@playmedusa - Awesome game, was watching your twitter and waiting for this to come out.

We have a pico-8 arcade machine at work, any chance you could release a p8.png file for people playing it directly from pico-8?

The download name "The Red Muscle Ch3+.pdf" is the same for chapter-4 and chapter-3, is this the wrong one?  Or is this PDF just misnamed with the same name.  I have 1,2,3 so wanted to continue with 4.

Wow, this is amazing.  Momentum, use of mouse with adjustable strength, direction indicator.  And its actually fun to play :) .

Just awesome.

Love the graphics.  Fun game.  Even the dither for spatial is a nice touch.

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My kids both have school chromebooks.  Any chance that Johan (creator of PicoCad) could have the Pico8 webapp on his site?  The chromebooks are locked down, but a web version would free them up to join and make something.

Thanks, very cool looking tool, excited to see the results of this competition.

Neat game.  Any thoughts on adding a 2-player mode?  I imagine racing each other for the food while avoiding the monsters would be loads of fun.

Great Q-Bert clone.  Can you post the p8.png?

I liked the addition of christmas lights a few levels in, kept me going a few more levels to see what happens next.

Neat game.  The intro scroll needs some way to skip.

I remember the God of Thunder game.

Thanks for this.  We were looking for a way to create pico-8 pixel art, and this is perfect.

What is the 2nd row under the colors for?

I love the stamps, btw.

Amazing. I have been hoping for a great 4-player bomberman on Pico-8. There have been a couple of decent ones, but this one is awesome.

Even a peppy soundtrack to match ;)

Awesome, I loved the effects.  Thanks for the P8 files, can load this on my raspberry pi for later. :)

Really clever, I like how you have to use the direction of the slash.

Can you post the cart too (p8.png)?   

I usually play these on the TV with friends on a raspberry pi.

Cool special effects. 

Any chance you could add a 2 or 4 player mode to it?  No AI, just to play with friends.

Trying to play on Ubuntu, using
`love Disk\`


conf.lua:4: attempt to index field 'audio' (a nil value)

Could you provide a Linux version?  The game looks awesome, I do like the green/orange/black theme a lot, and makes it easier to see the action vs the scenery.

Very fun.  I played through the first area or two before dying, loved the powerups and ability to cling to the ceiling.

Any chance you are going to provide a pico-8 cart?

Fun game for 2 players.  I converted the js to p8 if you are interested (I wanted to play it in pico8 directly).

Please add the android version here, would love to let the kids play, but not a fan of the google play copy with ads/iap.

Hoping gamepad works on android, so it would be awesome on android tv (google play version not shield compatible).

Was playing on Ubuntu using wine, crashes every few levels.  google analytics is disabled, its printed message was just a coincidence .

Switched to playing on Ubuntu using proton (steam's modification of wine), game runs great and no crashes.  Had to install wmfdist11-64.exe for sound codec and wic_x64_enu.exe for image codec (otherwise black screen with no sound).

Amazing game, a lot of fun.

Using it with Wine on Linux, but the google analytics causes it to crash after the first level.   Oddly sounds doesn't work either.

Neat game, my son loves it.

I love the color changing line effect around the track, it gives it a great sci-fi vibe.  Was the world map one giant animated sprite, or is there some other cool trick to do that?

I got a few reports that the WebAssembly (Browser version) crashes on iPhone/iPad. 
It works on Firefox/Chrome on Ubuntu, IOS, Windows.  I'll see if I can slim down the memory usage to make it mobile friendly via the web (although for Android I provide the APK).

WebAssembly build (run in the browser) hosted on here: