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cant wait for the playable demo how much longer do you think ill have to wait?

absolutely amazing love it thank you

Ok so first of all O    M    G i loved this game so much and i cant even wait for the full game so i can see what all happens i started this game bright in the morning around 10Am and i finished it around 9:30Pm like i have never ever felt so alive i love the game and i cant wait thank you you god of game maker please keep up the work :DDD

i loved it the characters are great the idea is great and i love the game will definitely be checking for updates daily :)

thank you for responding it seems you cannot run it off of a usb thank you i will give you my feedback after ive played it :)

thanks so much for responding and thanks for the game i really like all the characters and the story ill definitely be checking daily for any updated :)


hello i tried playing this on mac and i got this just wanted to let you know and its cool if im not able to play it for some reason 

p.s yes my usb name is just NIGG-

will there still be updates coming out for this game to go into the other characters or are they already out but just on another site?