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Confirming this still works in April 2024. It was on sale on steam but bought it here instead so I can also have a DRM free version too.

Will the DLC be coming to Itch as well? Been checking back here periodically since I saw the announcement on steam.

I absolutely love the combo of for a DRM free copy, with a steam key in order to access steam community features.

Saw this on splattercat, bought it just now because this combo was available. Thank you for providing this option, and I look forward to enjoying your work.

Thank you, I have pulled the trigger and will be playing your game this weekend!

I always prefer to buy my games DRM free, and I believe itch gives a better cut to creators, but I am also fond of achievements and steam's workshop/forums/community. This combination lets me get both of those done at the same time. Thank you for offering this, it will always be my first choice when buying.

Will there be a steam key for itch buyers when this releases?

I see steam keys are offered, but also see that the demo is like v 1.6 and the download is like v0.7.0

Is the game proper only being updated on steam at this time?

I really like actually owning my games, but I also like the convenience of Steam. Having both things be true at the same time here on itch made me pull the trigger on this game now instead of waiting for a bundle or mega sale.

If you got this as part of that mega bundle for equality, none of those come with steam keys.

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Looks like it comes with a steam key if you buy it here on as well. Which I just did, because I like that I can download and _own_ my games on itch and the dev gets more money, but I also like steam's social features/achievements/workshop.

Best of both worlds, and than you for that Cairn4.

Edit: Download file was labeled instead of Checked the other two out and osx is also, but linux one is mewnbase-linux. I have no idea if that matters but just a heads up in case it means you didn't feed itch the file you intended.

Been playing since I bought it, a totally engrossing eight hours or so. I can't believe how much attention to detail there is despite being an early access game. Was blown away when I realized that even equipped jewelry items are rendered on the characters!

Interactions between character abilities in the tactical combats have been interesting and enjoyable. For example, the warrior can use 'raider' to start fires, and the mystic can inhabit those same fires and toss them around the battlefield. It feels like creativity is rewarded and my characters really are stronger together with different abilities than just stacking a 'best' type.

The management aspects are also great. Initially I was annoyed that I couldn't move gear around between characters, but after the first chapter I realized that this design choice was forcing me to focus on the story and the tactical fights, instead of spending time on inventory management and optimization. I don't particularly find fiddling with inventory _fun_, but do it anyway because you get a slight advantage usually. Your decision to stash that away as a single screen between chapters is genius. You protected me from my own worst impulses and kept the focus where your strengths are, and I definitely have enjoyed the game more for it.

Anyway, thanks for making this, and I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

I just bought the game here. I had it in my wishlist on steam, but generally balk at paying full price on a game I don't actually own. Searched for it on a lark, found it here, bought immediately. Thank you for supporting a platform that lets us old folks own games like we're used to.

I went ahead and made the purchase. Don't see a steam key on the download page, do I need to do anything special for that?

I noticed this game is now on steam. Is it possible to also get a steam key with a purchase here? My understanding is the dev cut is better when we buy here instead of on steam directly.