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So, I did the Logans Revenge event, but lost the fight against the alpha werewolf. He still WON, but are there are consequences or things I miss out on for not Actually beating it?

okay, yeah, it makes the save data in the folder it's in, but can't see it for some reason?

Yeah, even loading the save file in mGBA as save data, doesn;t make it work? Nor running as administrator? I'm very confused haha. Where do you have the game look for the save data?

Deadeus community · Created a new topic No Save Data?

Hey! So, weird stuff happening. I load the game, in both bgb64 and mGba, and no matter what I do, I always get a No Save Data Found error? The game does all the start screens properly, but insists it can't find the save data, even when it's in the proper folder. Is there a default location it's meant to be in or something?

My understanding is that as of now, you can romance both, but only if you choose to help Logan when given a choice between them. Feels a little strange, with Bernard not being locked like that, but that's how it works rn!

I'm sorry you all have been having such issues with it, but I'm glad you worked it out somewhat! There doesn't appear to be a link to the actual project now, however?