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Thank you for your feedback! That's a good idea, although the main map is procedural generated, i think it's doable. Actually we originally planned to have a first phase where the player have to collect some items to fix the vehicle, so it would definitely fit with your proposal. 

Hey nice little Action/Puzzle game Chris! Gameboy like SFX and graphics are really cool, next time please make a little chip tune and it'll be a perfect. I feel nostalgia with some puzzle :-) GG!

Honestly, the game is awesome, very challenging, i'm stuck at level 4 (part 2 ;-) ) right now but it's so fun to play with this awesome music.

Congratulation commander! you made a very nice game. Graphics and animations are cut.

I'd rate it 2020 wobbles out of 2020 land crashes.

Also, lovely intro scene, nice underpants bro! :D

i loved the maniac mansion and alone in the dark old school style. Nice for a jam!

You were right, i just fixed difficulty balance by doubling initial budget, all boards can be finished now.

Boards order is not related to its difficulty, it's just some different circuits to play with.

Sorry about that and thanks for your feedback!

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Oh thank you! I put your video on my website here

If you make videos about my other gamejam entries, i could put them on my website too,  :-)