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nice game

How to change game language settings to english ?

Thank you so much :)

The continue button does not work for me.

I can not continue the game of the last checkpoint.

Chris Edward: A Mansão community · Created a new topic Bug

After saving the game, the continue key does not work.

Help me please

405 kb ???

Data folder not found.

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Thank you, I'm really enjoyed to play this game.

You can check out my video

I liked this game the darkness is very scary, but I want to know if this is the end of the demo? Because the game exit abruptly when I opened the last door.Keep up the good work :)
Check out my video i made of it


I really appreciate this new build.There is a nice change compared to the old but for the end I expected better . Can be for example the monster chases us and I find the face of the ghost in the car.

Keep up the good work :)

i made this new video :

Thank you for this awesome game i'm very enjoyed.

Check out my video I made it:

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Thank you for this awesome game i'm very enjoyed.
i made this video :