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Very cool! The trade off to be made on each planet is interesting.

I picked this randomly out of a bundle and liked it a lot! Very cute!

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Cool! I like the atmospheric music and environment textures. I didn't get very far (just a little bit further than you show in the trailer) but I enjoyed it and might come back when I have more energy (ha)

I love these! Witch game is my fav but I like them all.

On my mac, bug game had a bug* - it only showed one photo at the end. On windows it showed all the photos.

* do you see what i did there

I liked this a lot. I really enjoyed the different characters hanging out and learning about each other and being good friends. I got the good ending.

Afterwards, I read the code to see the bad ending, and… idk, I felt a little hurt that the game didn't respect my choice to seize the moment? (even though i didn't actually make that choice in my playthrough…)

anyway it's pretty cool that I was so invested in the characters that I took the bad ending personally! But I wish i never read it because i preferred the good ending but now i can't unsee the bad ending.