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Hello, I initially downloaded this game on Steam and already left a review there, but i really wanted to come on this page personally too and created an account just to comment...xD

First of all this game was beyond expectations. Everything was just amazing. I love how you decided to create different story-lines for each of the different characters. I honestly appreciate the hard work that was put to create those different plots. I really prefer this style of otome game. It really differs from others where the story-line remain constant with only sentences changing according to the character/route.

Second, the characters were so well designed and written. I played according to the recommended playing and don't regret it at all (though i'm still left with Waltz route - exam period came up, so i had to wait for holidays, which just started, to play it, haha). Honestly before seeing the recommended playing order, i had already decided to play Rod's route first. I usually start with my least liked character, (which in this case was Rod) but while playing his route i became fond of him and was so heartbroken with his bad ending TT_TT Well, to be honest all bad endings were heart-breaking, especially my favourite: Fritz/Varg (Waltz is also my fav, but since i haven't played his route yet i can't say..xD). In any case, whether there's a fav route or a least favoured one, playing all routes were a real pleasure.

Third, I also so loved the protagonist. I really empathised with her throughout the game and on some occasions she literally made me cry. I felt so bad for her. She might have been cold but she's honestly a really good person. She's also sensitive and did realise how people didn't like her, so her cold exterior is due to her surroundings and also how her mother brought her up. She believed only her mother loved her so she kind of rejected those around. Plus her dad did nothing in helping her when she lost the person she loved the most so no wonder the major trust issues she has. Throughout playing the game i felt that it's not her fault that she is the way she is and that after everything and then getting curse it was kind of unfair. Though the curse did help her get pass that barrier she had put around herself and she started to trust others too. Honestly she's such a great and strong-willed protagonist that you just really love her.

This is such a great game that i honestly wouldn't have mind paying for. Therefore when i came here and saw that we could donate while downloading the game, i felt that i really do want to donate so that at least it could help your team and you in your future endeavours. Is there a way i can donate directly without having to re-download the game here?

Also, i would like to know if you have any further projects concerning Cinderella Phenomenon? Especially concerning Varg, i'd like to explore more of his side of story cuz i like him so much. I'm sure there's more to him than the "big bad wolf" he claims to be (plus it was so heart-breaking how he sacrificed himself and let Fritz took over T_T it made me feel so bad T_T).

P.S: I forgot to add, i'm extremely in love with all of the soundtracks too. It made me much more immersed in the game. 'Tears', 'Tick Away' & 'Forgotten' affected on such an emotional level, especially considering all those emotional scenes it was played on.

(Sorry that it became that long. I usually lose myself when i'm writing passionately about something i've loved...xD) ^_^