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Thank you very much! Sounds like a plan!

I had the honor of testing this plugin, and I have to say that it is by far one of the most impactful plugins in my game. The auras alone are worth it, as they really help battles look dynamic, and can act as a sort so shorthand to communicate key information to the player.  Being able shrink/grow enemies, and the action sequence additions are icing on the cake. 

Great work, man!

Yes, that's already the case. Taking Cover also reduces the duration of Status Effects, and gives you a good amount of MP

No need to buy! When the game finally is released, it's going to be free, and should be compatible with saves from the Demo. Even if saves won't transfer over, I'll make sure to work something in for those who did play the demo (maybe like unlocking the Cheat menu for players trying to load old saves). Either way, I really hope you enjoy! 

There's been a few. The main highlights of the updates can be found in this devlog:

But you can always see a full list of changes in the Changelog when you download

send me a DM on Twitter at @mf_Trailblazer or on Discord at @mf_WillBlack#9591 I'll get you a link to download the full Beta 

Thank you, dude! Most of my assets are either RTP or come from the FSM Asset Packs. You can find them on steam and the RPG Maker shop. I'm not artist, so I haven't made anything myself, just little edits here and there

Thanks! Someone else found that one. Fixed in the next version already :)

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1) Violet Spinel (Chip)

Thanks for he report!

The second will be fixed in the next upcoming patch, but I can't seem to reproduce the first. I'll see if I can get a different tester to try and see if they can get this to happen.

Post has been edited since originally posted to now additionally include BigSquirrel, who is an incredibly wholesome YouTuber that plays RM Games with great feedback and an amazing personality. Check him out if you haven't yet and tell him to play your game!

I'm a man of the people - I give them what they want

He's been making trouble in the neighborhood!

My mentor always said: "A moment of hesitation in a moment of anger will save a hundred moments of regret"

I think it's something we can all apply in these situations. Take a step back, take a moment to listen, and be human. Give people the benefit of the doubt and at least try to build the bridge. If they don't want to, then at least you tried. Better to try with someone who's mind you can't change, than to alienate someone who you could.

You've taken a lot on your shoulders, and I don't envy you for it. But there is good, and we need to remember that. Not everything is a trainwreck. There are some really great, humanitarian people in this community that we can look to, and maybe find a way to be better.

There's so many great people in this community doing some really great things. Sometimes it helps to keep things in perspective. I think it's important that when people start to feel overwhelmed, that these problems really do come from small, specific pockets - and they're pockets we don't need to engage with. These problems will fizzle out if we don't engage, and if they fizzle out, maybe - just maybe - we'll be able to talk civilly and make each other better.

Right? Dude, we're all here because we love RPGs. Regardless of race, religion, or creed, this is something we can connect over. Can our love of games be the bridge that helps us to make each other better people? I hope so!

We're all in the same boat here. We all want harmony, but harmony isn't always possible. The best we can do is to have set an example and hope people are inspired to be better. Just then, maybe we'll be able to have the difficult conversations in a productive way, instead of resulting to mud-slinging, tribalism, and hostility.

Thank you so much for the review! You seemed to pick up on all the little details I put in, hoping to clue the player into the bigger story and to ask questions. IF you want to see more, just let me know and I'll see about getting you a link to download the Beta for chapters 2 and 3. And don't worry - your savegame from the Demo can be ported over

Thanks man! A really fun watch! you really did play for a long time. I appreciate all your comments and feedback! I'll keep in touch and let you know when the full version is available :)

Most of the file size comes from the music files

Thank you so much for your comment! You've seen so many great games during your time, that your praise carries a lot of weight! Hopefully I can continue to live up to what I've already done!

And there's more on the way, too! So excited, and looking forward to more of your feedback!

Thank you so much for your comment! You've seen so many great games during your time, that your praise carries a lot of weight! Hopefully I can continue to live up to what I've already done!

Than you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! And yes, no gimmicks. The game takes inspiration from Wild Arms 1 and 2 and Dragon Quest 9 and 11, so the mechanics are meant to be simple, yet deep. I'm really glad to hear that I've managed to strike that balance in your opinion!

Thank you so much! This complement means so much considering how high quality of games you make. I'm truly honored to receive praise from someone of your caliber. You have a really good eye for storytelling, and it really shows in how you interact on stream :)

Thank you for the amazing playthrough my dude! You are for sure going to get a copy of the next chapters when they're available!

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Yanfly's Core Plugin, as well as on of the plugins that comes as free DLC with RPG Maker allow you to change the aspect ratio, so just have the aspect ratio in your 3D Mapmaking "game" match your actual game. That's what I did.

Thanks! I love using them and I'm surprised more people don't! I have a separate project that has this plugin installed:

When I want to make a battleback, I create the 3D Map in the second project, run a test game, and take a screenshot.

Hey there! Looks like the newest version fixed the problem! Thank you so much! This plugin is a blast to use, and it's the kind of thing that players and LPers go "WHOA!" when they see! Great job! I really appreciate all the work you do!

Thanks so much Niko! 

Coming from you, that means a lot! I will look forward to seeing your LP Review of it soon!

Thanks man! Your feedback helped me come to the decision :)

Thanks so much man. The characters really are the heart of this story, so to hear that those personalities come through really means a lot.

Thanks Guld! I put a ton of effort in, and am glad it's paying off!

This comment means so much to me. Thank you for your support. I'll continue to work on this and hope you'll give it another shot once I've finished Chapter 1.

This means a lot coming from you, Rythane. Your game is seriously one of the best out there.

It looks like something broke in the most recent update.

The Skill Trees Lane/Depth seems to be transposed, but the controls still work like the lanes are horizontal. Also, the icons and colors in skill descriptions don't appear to be working anymore.

I just checked it out and it looks great!

Thanks again!

I'm absolutely loving this plugin, it's exactly what I've wanted in a Skill Learn system for a long time! I just had one possible suggestion to give your plugin a little more functionality (if you're still looking to update and improve it). You've given us the ability to count Active Nodes and store it to a variable, do you think you could do the same with JP spent on Active Nodes? I think this would be very helpful for those of us that want to tell the player how much JP they're going to be refunded, or who want to scale the cost to unlearn based on the number of JP spent, or even have common events that require a character to have spent a certain amount of JP in a Tree before they learn a new skill, or are able to perform a certain action.

Thank you again for the amazing plugin!