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Thanks for playing!

Exceptional, had a ton of fun playing this! Definitely one of the highlights of DD56, and you're definitely going to succeed with a full release. Keep working on this!

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Sounds like a plan, will see if I can do that. Thanks for the link as well, it's very helpful!

Glad you like it and noticed the 80s anime inspiration! The ricochet sounds are straight from Patlabor and Gundam.

Thanks a lot for checking out and the feedback man!

Visual clarity is absolutely the highest priority thing I'm going to work on. I intend to overhaul the UI too, I think the health and such needs to be way clearer so you can just tell how well you're doing via peripheral vision. Will see if I can add multiple camera settings under the options menu too.

I did add a boost/dash function with shift, but I've been thinking if it's worth it to have a dash function by double tapping the direction keys. Might be cool if you could also ram enemies and damage them perhaps, could be an upgrade.

I'll make sure to start the game in fullscreen once I figure out the other resolutions scaling correctly. Game is 960x540 so it doesn't always scale correctly to 16:9 resolutions other than 1920x1080, but I don't want to drop the size to the more used 640x480 as I think that's too small for the type of art I want to draw for each screen and the general gameplay style.

Thanks again for the feedback! Will keep all of it in mind.

Thank you for playing!

Sorry to hear the camera movement made you nauseous. Was there any delay/input lag? When I turn on the alternate v-sync on my end it kind of adds a motion smoothing effect to the cursor position, I can see how that'd make one nauseous. I thought about maybe adding a slider that controls the camera speed, but having instant movement is kind of needed for the combat.

My highest priority is definitely going to be improving readability, it's easily the thing that needs to be worked on the most. Thanks for the feedback and kind words!


Love the pixel art and animations, feels like it could be a legit homebrew/ROM hack in some ways.

Survivorslike? Another game equivalent to doing coke lines? Hook me up fam

UI is nice and readable. Bloom effects and the general graphics are well done, nothing harsh on the eyes which is necessary for this type of game. There definitely needs to be a bit more going on with the sound design, it's pretty quiet when you hope that you'd be hearing the sounds of hundreds of enemies getting wiped out or hit. I was also hoping for some more attacks that knock back and push the enemies out of your radius, but other than that I quite enjoyed my time with it.

Bomb chick is best girl.

I did a number on those buildings. Explosion, debris, blood splatter, all great, UI animations with 1 bit pixel art looks great, awesomely stylish. 


Many times I had to confirm that the enemy is in my vincinity by looking at the radar. I almost want to say that it's too small but I'm not that sure about it. 

I think it could stand to be slightly larger too honestly. I've been trying to strike a balance between large enough that it's easily readable, yet also not covering too much of the screen for the player. Will be working on making the enemies stand out more, I'm going to try black outlines and larger arrow indicators.

I felt bad about destroying the city, moreover in the second mission where I was trying to protect the gardens. And what mutated lobsters wanted? Piece of me, of course! I got A+ on both missions, now be honest with me, it always says A+ right? There's no way that half-leveled town and a destroyed garden I was supposed to protect would give me that high score.

You're spot on, it always gives you an A+ rank haha. I just haven't decided what should count for a good/bad rank. Time? Amount of hits taken?

Early on I thought it could be related to the amount of destruction caused, but I think it's unfair to penalize the player for having fun, especially as a lot of the destruction can be caused by the enemy. It's just impossible not to wipe out some buildings while playing.

One enemy didn't want to drive into city from the left side. I killed everyone else and had to shoot missiles blindly into OOB area hoping to destroy him.

Sorry about that! It's really rare, but occasionally they can spawn on top of each other and get stuck, but if it was just one something must've broke in his pathfinding. Will make sure that can't happen, it sucks to throw away a good run because someone decided not to join the battle.

I feel like the game is already half way there! 3 more biomes, 5 missions for each one, one random generated level with presets and you're ready to ship! Just make those mechs more visible!

I could see an endless mode working with buildings that reset. I'll definitely have more biomes and different kinds of missions, thanks for the kind feedback and playing!

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Thank you for the feedback and giving it a try! Happy to hear you also beat both levels, well done!

I'm going to change the enemy mech's colors and give them an outline,  as well as also revamp the radar probably. I had a friend also say the armor indicator was too in the corner, so I'll probably add some more colors plus a sound indicator to help the player know when they're low on health without glancing at it.

the second issue is ensuring you are in a fun environment to kill stuff in. the more destructibles are near you the better the game is - empty fields are boring

Absolutely, 100%. My vision for the second mission was basically a recreation of the Palace of Versailles and its massive gardens, but scaled up to be a whole town. Imagine a sort of luxurious European square complete with fountains, motes, ancient palaces, gardens, and then just having absolute chaos ensue with the enemies chomping through all that and the player lighting them up... Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough time to make that and I ended up with that rushed, somewhat boring level instead.

The grub enemies are a lot more interesting when they have to maneuver between structures as well. I thought about duplicating the first mission's map but I felt it was going to be a bit repetitive.

I'm going to make sure there's always a level of destructibility that the city missions have, it's definitely crucial to the game's design with all of the mechanics. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the kind words and playing!

The Landsword reminds me a little bit of the personal tanks from Ghost in the Shell. 

Definitely some influence from the Tachikomas and the heavier Fuchikomas, there's some Patlabor inspiration there too.

I'm ok with mechs blending in with the urban environment since they are supposed to be camouflaged, 

Yeah, it's not great for readability but in my head I kind of justify it like that. "You ever see drone footage of a war? Do you have any idea how hard it is to actually spot an enemy tank in that footage? That's the point, they're camouflaged for a reason!".

I think what I'm going to do is add solid black outlines to the enemies. Maybe it'd even make it lean more into the anime inspiration, making it seem like the buildings are "background" cels and the actual animated stuff has the outlines. Will definitely add more indicators and probably a larger radar display too, I think it should be a lot more readable at a glance as well.

The second mission having organic enemies is a nice touch. Maybe that can make for interesting loadout choices down the line.

Glad to hear you liked the second mission. There will be many more weapons to choose from and also a better, non-rushed map hopefully.

Thanks again!

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Heya, sorry about that. Watching your footage, I saw enabling V-sync can speed the game up stupidly fast depending on your processor. You were playing on basically 144 frames instead of 60, really sorry about that. Though in a way it's almost funny, makes it seem like sped up tilt-shift footage when it's going so fast. Hope on your end the game also displayed correctly, looking at the recording it seems slightly off-center/in the corner; if possible maybe try loading it up one more time without the v-sync on if the tearing isn't too bad, just to see if it plays at normal speed.

There is a win state, the first mission after you wipe out 24 enemies, the second after you wipe out around 400.

Again, really need to put a disclaimer that the v-sync method can mess things up, sorry again and thanks for playing!

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I have no idea what the hell is happening but I think I like that. Music is an absolute banger btw, would love to listen to the soundtrack standalone.

Right, I've just added under the options menu the ability to turn on v-sync and the alt sync method, thanks for letting me know! Still need to figure out what's causing the mouse button issue, haven't seen anyone else have it but still want to make sure its patched.

Good start. Nice job with the weapon UI and the leg physics, they look on point. Not much else to say except it has potential, keep at it!

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Can't get enough of that MS Dos/Windows 95 UI and low poly graphics, genuinely nostalgic as I used Windows 95 quite a bit as a kid.  Feels reminiscent of LSD Dream Emulator in some ways, but still its own unique thing.  Have to agree that the chat dialogue could be a bit more of its era though, kind of breaks the illusion to see people using modern slang.

I enjoyed the exploration aspect, though wish there was a bit more to do.

Really dig the vibe of the world and the colors. Love the hologram and the general style of the graphics. Wish there was a pause menu and better accuracy with some of the controls though, had the same mouse twitching issue as the guy below me.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Why a 4 legged wheeled Mecha? At that Point you could just use a Tank, Mecha needs to walk.

I like wheeled speedy mecha. Some mechs fly, some mechs have tank treads, and some do all three. It's just a different style of mecha. Don't worry, I'll have ones that walk too.

Borderless Window default? Interesting. Can't say that I like that too much.

Sorry about that, it was a quick hotfix to get the 1920x1080p resolution working. I agree it's not nice to not be able to drag the window around, I'll see about fixing it.

I can not read the Screenshake Options, it's a bunch of Signs together with Characters and Stuff. 

Seen a number of different people say that and saw it on a few streams. Really strange bug as on my end I've never encountered it on the compiled version and the in-engine testing. All the buttons use the same text-writing code too, so not sure what's causing it. I'll see if I can replace them with sprites to make sure there's no chance of this happening, sorry about that.

Menu itself is stylish, main Screen feels a bit static tho.

Cheers. I wanted to add some sparks maybe falling from the top or CRT monitors in the foreground, but there wasn't enough time. 

Cities out of Square blocks not only are stupid, but also look stupid and feel stupid to navigate through. Why don't you make some Interesting City with properly winding Roads, smaller Sidepaths and Stuff?

It's easier said than actually done, making a realistic city with all of that and making it come together perfectly with tilesets takes a lot of time. A lot of it isn't even finished, that's why there's empty blocks here and there; I simply ran out of time.

I fully agree with you though, and the final city levels will hopefully be way more complete with more interesting buildings and terrain too.

I'm not driving particularly fast, but when I touch a Car it just slides across an entire Block or so, which feels off.

That's on purpose. Cars slide like they're on ice which isn't realistic but it's way more fun to see them pinging off when hit with explosions. You can even push them into the road, come out and bait an enemy, and then hit the car with your gun to set it off.

Destruction is heavy tho, but why is there a whole building worth of Blood if I shoot a single Mecha? And why do buildings collapse so fast, but Cars take so long to destroy?

That's a leftover from the old enemy code, the bugs in Mission 2 were the first and some of their code was cannibalized to make the enemy mech. Think of the blood as the exploded gore of the pilot who was inside. Probably going to get rid of it in the end, but I thought it helped mark clearer where the enemy mechs were killed and I didn't have time to draw proper debris/leftovers of them.

I'm assuming its just endless Waves, as I never found a clear Objective to either of those Missions.

Neither mission is endless. The first has 24 enemies that appear at random in two waves since if they all appeared at once it wouldn't be a fair fight. The second mission has about ~400 bug enemies that come at you in big waves. It's more of an endurance challenge type of thing. I'd like there to be different kinds of missions since I realize this can get repetitive fast.

Seems most of the Work right now went into the Destruction, and thats working great. The rest is pretty barebones at the Moment tho.

Cheers. I agree it's very barebones, the menus were all coded on the last week of DD and I had to rush both levels. This is all very useful feedback though, thank you again for playing and writing!

Thanks for playing and streaming!

Sorry about the screen tearing. Will have an option to turn on vysnc as well as fixing the text in the settings. Really strange bug with the text as every other button writes correctly on my end using the same font and text writing code.

Will definitely work on the readability too, it's going to be my highest priority as others have said its a problem. Cheers!

Delightful, simply delightful. Love the bee's expressions and animations.

Thank you kindly! I plan to continue development after a short break.

Readability will totally be improved next update. In the meantime, I've implemented an overdrive/boost function by pressing shift for now. It's pretty limited but if you need to dodge missiles you can duck out pretty quick or do a driveby with it. Will work on the enemies being fairer as well, thanks!

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Cheers for the feedback and kind words!

Good idea with the radar displaying ammo packets, will for sure add that in. The UI is supposed to only shake when you're hit, but there does need to be some stronger indicator. I might add some red line flashes or have the whole UI turn red to indicate that better.

I too prefer the Brigador-style of missions with fixed objectives; both missions do have a limited enemy count and once you neutralize all targets it should conclude and tally up the score (hopefully)

That's very kind, thank you!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. It really means a lot and I'm glad you noticed all of the tiny details I threw in with the destruction!

I will definitely get the player and enemy models to have a higher contrast and much better readability, some indicators to point out enemies coming from behind the view would also help as well I think. Happy to hear the UI is super readable as well, spent a long time trying to decide on what it should actually look like - ended up settling on semi-functional but also semi-decorative in a way. I'm glad you know about the sprite stacking method haha. Early on I was definitely tempted to turn the view around, but sorting out the depth between objects is already difficult with the way they stretch from the center, and there's no real need to actually be able to rotate the view. I might rotate it for cutscenes though, like a news helicopter reporting on some destruction could be cool.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Hey, thanks!

The ammo crates should actually give the player twice the normal amount of ammo when they have the rotary cannon, but I definitely agree on the grub mission it doesn't feel as impressive as hoped. Honestly it works best as a close-range weapon to take out the mechs quickly, especially as they can't fire back when they're flashing white.

There'll definitely be weapon switching between primary and secondary, I planned that from the start but don't have enough weapons to do that yet. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I will definitely add an outline to them, maybe solid black so they pop-out more. For now I've added a little indicator arrow when they're hit so they kind of get "tagged" by the player, but it's just a temp fix.

I've since updated it so it can run in 1920x1080 now, sorry for the tiny size!

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Glad to hear people with older hardware can run this. I'm working hard on trying to get resolution resizing working, something is messing it up. I apologize you and other people had to play it in such a small resolution.

This game kicks some serious ass. Love the drifting and the sheer violence of the combat, each of the weapons are pretty fun and the rocket launcher in particular is fun to drift by with and bust someone with. The deformation and damage is also a cool touch, I enjoy seeing mine and other cars getting visibly deformed by the crashes and explosions. Good work with the sound design as well, semi-cartoonish but that compliments the soundtrack and mood quite well.

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Note: As of build V.03 resolution resizing still doesn't work. Will try again tomorrow to get it working, need to ensure the application surface on GM scales appropriately as well so things don't look like garbage.

Update: 1920x1080 and 3840x2160p resolutions should be scaling correctly now.

Update 2: V-sync and alternate synchronization method added.

Thank you so much for playing and streaming it! I really need to fix the resolution rescaling, I'm sorry you couldn't play it in fullscreen. Wish Game Maker 1.4 had an easier way of resizing the screen.

 I will definitely take your feedback into account and tweak the visibility of enemies more as others have said too, cheers.

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The artwork that you've done for this game is extremely nice, each of the timelapses you posted to the AGDG threads also shows just how much effort you've poured into it. I must say some of it looks slightly off with the scaling/line thickness, for example the map terrain has really thick lines but your base vehicle has much thinner and refined lines, kind of making it look odd. The backgrounds in some of the scenes and some of the character sprites could also be slightly more differentiated I think, like you could lighten the outlines of backgrounds a bit and add more edge highlight to the characters to have them stand out more.

That said, I really like the characters you've got so far. I didn't have time to get to the end unfortunately, but I enjoy your writing style and the overall story and concept a lot.

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Shooting feels pretty decent, level design is quite tight and a bit claustrophobic at points, but I assume that's the intention. I like the pilot portraits in the corner, it's reminiscent of mecha games like Bulk Smash on the Sega Saturn, just need some animation and voice lines. A few of the UI stuff such as the compass could be scaled down I think, it takes up a bit too much of the screen along with the displays and the mech's cockpit frame. All in all a really solid foundation you have so far though, I'll be watching this with great interest!

Oh, and the DOOM inspired loading screen is also great, love that touch.

Thank you so much! Honestly they definitely should, and I'm going to be redoing them soon. I had wanted to change the player sprite before demo day, but time ran out between coding all the menus and options. Differently more brightly colored enemies will come as well.

Unrelated, but your avatar gave me quite the neuron activation. I remember playing Bosconian on the PSP Namco Museum Battle Collection maybe 15 years ago, that sprite instantly took me back. Good taste.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I'm going to be redoing the player mech's sprite and I'll make sure it's more readable, as well as have the cursor be larger too. Thank you again!

Saw on the threads you said you did each of these models with vertex point colors for textures; I really love the way that style looks. Visually the game feels reminiscent of games like Ape Escape and Banjo Kazooie, but not in an overly indulgent nostalgic way if that makes sense.

That said, it's pretty hard as other people have said, so much so that you should definitely get it to some streamers - the figurines will definitely keep the players and chat entertained.

Noted, thank you. I'll look into fixing the issue and test it on a few different OSes.

It's going to be a bit tricky with how GM's draw_sprite function works and how I'm handling depth sorting of the smoke particles, but it should be possible with a shader. Will look into it, thanks for the suggestion!

The destruction with the different parts breaking off is really cool, you've got a great start to the vehicle combat already. I think if you added fantasy tank designs like in for example Panzer Front, you could have something pretty unique, especially if the two factions have their own distinct design philosophy and playstyles.

I have to say it's a bit difficult to tell what sort of damage I'm doing at times, maybe you could have your tank's gunner/commander say what you hit in a subtitle or down in the conrer, like "Engine hit, sir!".  Also the mouse sensitivity was real fast, seems the mechanics keep the turret rings well-greased.

Either way, very solid so far, looking forward to seeing what comes of this!

I've since added some indicators to the enemy mechs and also turned down their aggression. I realize as the programmer I'm too familiar with how they behave, so I know what to anticipate for their attack patterns but to normal players it's almost relentlessly hard. I agree that the radar could be more accurate with the distance, and I'll also try adding some arrow indicators around the player to point out enemies coming from behind the camera position/mouse.

Thank you greatly for playing and the feedback, will use this information to refine it!