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When I interacted with the box full of game overs, the screen went black. Did I happen to "take one out" or something and end the game?



Jamie's personal journey was so clear and really hit straight to my heart, because I know people who go through that. Marcinna, she broke my heart with how she's different. Chantelle, I adored her and wanted to give her a big hug. As for my favorite character, Saoirse, she shone bright, being just amazing. She really tried to help, and she also broke my heart. But my favorite might change to Jamie soon. She really came through here, supporting everyone. I personally am not transgender, but I know what it feels like to be needed so much and not want to burden people with how I feel. So Jamie, amazing, holds so much responsiblity so heavily, but takes it relatively well. 

How the story is actually written, that is professional level stuff. I loved how it was in first person and had those little bits at the end of each chapter. I felt so bad for Saoirse's previous partner. I can't spell his name. Sorry. But still, I can't find very many faults with it. 

Never mind, I just started reading that section and my theries were... right?

Okay, thanks. I also was going to delete this because I used my limited computer memory space to download Neverdream and I'm reading it when I can. I just got to Dead Blood in the book, and everything makes so much sense now, but there's still more I need to know because you are geniuses and I love your stories!

Oh, ok. Thanks. I was a bit concerned about the play size, but that does make sense. Plus, I have little to no reaction time, making my attempt at putting your story together impossible because I can't play some of your games without reaction time. I am, however, really trying to put everything in order. I have a couple of questions, but based on what you've told me before, I'm sure you're not going to answer certain lore-related questions without being on the discord server. However, if I am right in all of my guesses, and even if I'm not, this story is beautiful and I love it. Quick question, though; is Dead Blood the end of the timeline?

How many endings are there?

Does it end after the job offer? (also is the main Jamie and the other person Saoirse?)

I know you have gotten a lot of compliments, but honestly, I didn't really like the game. I know the writing is good, and you are geniuses, but this game is zoomed out too much, and too frantic to do anything. I couldn't even get a half minute into the game. It's a great synonym for life, and it is heart-warming, but far to hard to see or play. At first it seems like Jamie is hurt just by herself, and it's hard to do anything.

I feel so bad... One, this game is beautiful and heart-wrenching. Two, I wanted to know what happened when Jamie died because I'm apparently a sadistic a-hole, and then I killed her over and over until I couldn't pick the paper up anymore. I feel dirty for doing it... But I love Jamie, she's awesome, and I wish she didn't die a million times. Not just in this game, I mean I wish that she didn't die in Smiles Incorporated and in this game, and probably in WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD LAUGHS. She is amazing as a character, and I hated torturing her.

Are we playing as Jamie in this game? At first I thought that the main character was Saoirse because she seems to be out of sorts and at the end of To The Heights of my Heart, Saoirse makes a deal with Mr. Smile for Jamie's life. But on the second playthrough, it feels more like it's Jamie instead.

Yes, much better. Thank you so much!

It doesn't let me click on play

I'm in the second level

I think I have most everything except the thumb


Spiderweb: Weapons?

Phone: Small bird

Star: Probably an illegal substance (either drugs or alcohol)

Clown: Something to do with electricity

Also can't get any further am stuck

I wish I could play... but I don't have a phone. Well, a phone with internet. Mine's a hand-me-down

I'm trying to play the browser version because I don't have the most space on my computer

Ok. I was just confused because it freaked me out. Loved the game, beautiful design, I haven't seen such gorgeuos art -digital or otherwise - in my life.

Maybe Ms. Mao is secretly holding a cow in her lamp. Not the closet. The lamp.

I can't boot the game!

Same here

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My computer makes the screen where the description and comments are text blue, and the background red. I can't see! Can you change the text to white or black or something that makes it easier to read?

I can't see it! 😭

Game: Congrats! You got the lady in red!

Me: Yay!

Game: *picture of a ladybug*

Me: *yeets computer*

Ladybug: *types this after watching me yeet computer*

His true form is anime

Um, spoliers here.

So, when the thing goes red, is it supposed to? And does it end after the picture of the vase shattered? What about the camilla? Is there any other option?

Ok. But all in all, there is no "winning" the game? Like, no one answer that means you succeed in the mission?

Is there a way to win? I've played many times and done different stragies, but never won... Also love your content, made an account just to follow you people (everyone who is Portrait Prophecies). So, I guess this is two comments - me telling you how much I love these games, and me wondering can you even beat this one.

Sorry for bothering you!