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Someone pull me away I've literally sunk hours into this This is the first one I made and probably my favorite but I've spent literally three hours on this so far and I have like 10 outifts

Okay, I think you may have misunderstood what I meant. I'm not religious, I just find religion fascinating from a purely psychological point of view. I was simply commenting on the fact that this game is more difficult than I expected.

I'm not attempting to say you were wrong to leave this comment, but it definitely took me by surprise. As for the question you asked, I feel that has many answers. I personally believe that if there is a god, they are not inherently good or bad. I also believe that the philosophy that everything happens for a reason is wrong as if there is a god who intends to act in our best interests, then having death be a thing is simply cruel and does not teach anything. A god who purposefully introduced death into an ecosystem would be cruel. There would be other ways to stop overpopulation. 

Sorry if this was long-winded. You asked for a philosophical discussion, and I tried to answer. I hope nothing I said insulted you. Have a wonderful day!


Honestly, I thought it was innovative, brought up a lot of good points, and was respectful. While I understand why some people thought it was straight up blasphemy, if you take it seriously and think about every action, truly asking yourself what Jesus would do, you don't get to any bad ending that's truly horrible. It's a very well-thought out game. Not to mention the historical accuracy - not religious, mind you, but historical accuracy - that surrounds the way Jesus in the game is treated is spot on. 

TLDR, I liked it. If I were Christian my opinions might be different, and I won't show this to my Christian friends as they would not appreciate it. However, it's still really good. If you're still reading and you're going to leave a negative comment/review, then stop. Ask yourself why? Not everyone likes everything. Did you not like the game content? That doesn't make it horrible, it just should make you not want to play it. Don't bash it based on what it's about. If you find something you don't like in gameplay, like a glitch, then by all means, report it. I don't mean to say that your opinion should be suppressed. I just mean that no one forced you to play this game. You're entitled to your opinion, just not to be a butt about it.

Oh, and play the thing before you review it. If you go "JESUS IS A WOMAN?! This game sucks," without playing. That's inconsiderate, cruel, and disrespectful of everything put into the game. 

Muffin is the best, lol

I think I got every ending! It was hard but pretty fun. I enjoyed playing it!

That was so sweet

I filed everything "masculine" in the girl section and everything "feminine" in the male section

Cute and sweet... the grandpa was mean though

I finally was able to play this game! It was so much fun! I got every ending! SO cute

That was pretty fun and surprising!

That was fun to play! Very good story

This game read me really well... I'm kind of ashamed that this game figured me out, lol

That was really, really, really good. Wow Myx was horrible. Also I loved the "good ending". Very meta.

All in all, super fun and interesting to play/read

Pretty good! Some of the dialogue was pretty meta which I enjoyed

HOW IS THIS SO HARD! The furthest I've gotten was Genesis 1:8

I liked it, but the changing recipe was freaking me out and I kept panicking

That was adorable! I loved it so much and the story is sweet

Second room first answer: hint, falls from clouds, the world would be dry without it. Not snow

Answer: rain

Thanks for all your hard work! I know I definitely appreciate it!

 If you can't click on anything, the arrow keys move and z is interact. Does that help? If not, try with chrome or internet explorer

Really fun and clever! The end was weird though

Lol, only got the first one wrong

If you can recruit people at will in the post game... can the sheep be an option?

This is so much fun! I'm so excited for the next chapter, I'm going to check back every week! I don't even know what I hope happens next... Every character is so well made and has so much to learn about them! Also i forgot to heal before I fought the Kobold King again, so I used incense and accidentally won, lol

Amazing as always! I couldn't decide which one I liked better.I put wings on the cute purple thing! I love this like alwayas

These games are so cute and fun! I love how many options there are

This is so cute!

I swear I'm in love with this game! I couldn't pick one, so I just went with my most recent, but I love this game so much! I wanted them to match ❤️❤️💕 This is so flipping cute! Bonus: I played this in June, which made me love it even more!

SO fun! I honestly think he would be really fun to talk with normally, lol

Thank you! That was so helpful!

Amazing. Absolutely stunnin

That was so sweet! I loved the good end!

Bao is best boy. Also, wow that took a really sad turn, but I loved the ending!

I vote for all of them

only took me a few months, but i finally beat the game! natalie was the hardest. Lucifur was so much fun!

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This was so much fun! I only could get endings 1,4, and 5.

Never mind, finally got them all! Fun, chilling. Eating the bunny freaked me out. Not the death afterward, actually eating it

Wait, no! It was way too short - I wanted to know if Wren and Thalia ended up together somehow

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That was so much fun! A bit hard - I keep dying on night one by the window guy.

I love how every choice matters. That was good but also sad