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Walkthrough for future generations:

  1. Pick up the fuse on the ground on the right near the snow and use it on the power cabinet on the left.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: The machine on the top right makes toys, depending on the levers' positions, that come out from the conveyor on the bottom right. You only need four to finish the game. The combinations are these (up is U; down is D) : UUU : Plastic sword   UDU : Bear    DDU : Sax   DUD : Rubik cube
  3. Use the plastic sword as a lever on the machine on the middle left. Then use the sax on the hole and pull the fixed lever.
  4. Use the bear on the wires on the top left machine, then press the colored buttons until every row is decorated. Any order or variety is irrelevant.
  5. Use the rubik cube on the hole in the middle right machine. The buttons make sounds when pressed, which, appropriately, are parts of Jingle Bells. The code for the full song is 1 1 3 5 2 4.
  6. Press the button on the tree and enjoy the ending!

I'll have to repeat what everyone else said: I really liked the concept, I just wish it was longer.

I must say, I was somewhat dissapointed. The game seems to present itself as exploring the concept of dead online servers and the eerie feeling they give, but quickly ditchs that in favor of a creepypasta-tier "loved one inside the cartridge" story and surprise ARG that I wasn't pleased to discover was mandatory to get the real ending.

Quite nice, short and unnerving game. I do think the monster looks a bit silly however.

Absolutely loved it! It's on the easier end of graphic adventures but more than made up for it with great humor and characters and an interesting setting. I really liked the main theme in particular.

That was a fun way to spend a few minutes. I must admit however that all of my deaths were due to falling down pits. I didn't find the enemies to be much of a threat, since they are quite slow and the gun will easily take care of most of them. At one point I ran past a group of deer monsters that looked like they could kill me in one hit but didn't so much as take a swipe at me.