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I thought I was gonna get screamed in my face. But I didn't so I'm still mentally functional to share my gameplay of this XD

This game has some crazy potential, I feel it!

Install directx, Maybe restart pc and it should work or you might not have to restart. Test it out!

Here's a link to install Directx 11 and It's on the microsoft website just incase you're wary of viruses of the interwebs lol

I noticed that when I was getting worried about getting fired again and couldn't find what I needed to clean! lol

This game is something else! XD I can't wait to explore some more into the game because my first few tries ended with being fired lol

WORST MAID EVER | Breach and Clean (Hotel Maintenance Simulator)

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I like the objective of the game and the description of the game was pretty funny which made me check this out XD

Maybe different songs for different levels, Power ups to hug 2 or 3 at a time(Only cause he's a monster)XD.

THE BEST HUGS | Hugs Gameplay

After giving it a try, I think It would be a cool addition to the steam store. The reason I picked the demo up is because I freaking love Jet Set Radio/JSRF and I saw a post on the let's play subreddit.

Yes I would play the full game, Depending on price and my enjoyment!

I know this is just a prototype so I don't have much to say that I think you'll already be planning on doing like different music going on and such XD