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good game! i got really immersed on it! 

i like the concept of it, and the little details in every chat. ;)

keep it up <3

i liked the game!!

at first, it took me a while to adapt to the controls, but later, i really enjoyed it! it's different and innovative! i also liked the concept of it. 

good game, keep it up! <3

hey, great game (loved the music)! i had the same problem than alfalfascout, i couldn't click the socks in some occasions, however, if you refresh the page it fixes! 

keep up the good work! <3

i had a good time playing the game. everything you say to the birbs has a great and fun answer! i love that sometimes they even have a story!

very well done!

hey! i think that the game has a lot of potential, i couldn't believe that this was the prototype!

i don't have many recommendations to make, i'd only add a little map somewhere in the screen to not get lost! maybe now it's just the first zone of the world, but if it grows it could be really helpful! 

nothing else, great job with everything: the music, art and idea! hope to see more of it <3

i'm glad that you could express yourself through the game! hope that you are doing very well with all that's happening, good luck with future games that i'm of course going to play <3

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i loved everything about this game: the concept, the art, the music, the story, everything! i enjoyed it!

i have to say that i got very immersed in the story, and actually felt it like it was myself the one going through everything. outstanding. 

keep up the good work, this game is amazing. 

i'm in love with the art (and with the game too)! i'm really looking forward to the next phase of this game because this is a great prototype.

good work!

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This game is addictive! I liked very much.

Good job with adding the 2! When I saw that it was even when adding time I laughed!

Good work. 

Yes! That would be great! ;)

this game is really beautiful. 

i loved the art style and the message that you are giving. personally, it was what i needed to hear.

hope to see more of your games in the future.

good work!

Hey! I really liked the game; the idea, the art, everything! I hope to see more of it soon.

The only thing that I would change is the map. It was a little confusing to understand at first! 

Good work!