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This is so polished, I really enjoy it

The only critisim that I can think of is giving it it's own icon or putting it on steam

Is this 64 bit or 32 bit?

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does this need a 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows?

is there a way to make it 32bit? 

I can get to round 10 :)

I feel like this was all a ploy to do be able to say 'download nothing' and 'run nothing'

This game is really fun I just wish there was a 32 bit versio for download

This is a really violent game for a person called penguin

This seems pretty cool :)

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This game is really cool but I just wish there were a bit more colors (in the downloaded version) and possibly special moves but one main thing that I would like if there was like level selection a bit like mario world and possibly a shop

Is it ok if you make a 32 bit version

I havint played it but it looks really good! :)

Can you make a 32 bit vesion of this game pls

I would really like if you gave it controller soport with xbox and ps

Btw thanks for making a really cool game and I hope you have fun doing it :)

Is this for a 32 bit vesion of windows?

I love this game so much just wish the 

E attack did more damage and ps2/ps3

 contrrollers worked other than a glich I

 found where if you punch while getting your health back it's really good :)

I think thats why there are to bone saws

Yeah that would be awsome I had the same idea

this game looks EPIC

not really it looks pretty fun


Could you please put this up for download

Please can you let us change the mouse sensitivety

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I really want you to let us use a ps2/keyboard/ps3 because

 my brother has an xbox 360 controller and won't let me use it