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Looks like Sprytile simply does not work anymore with Blender 3.0, so unless the plugin is updated, the only way to use it is to a previous version relase of Blender, namely 2.8/2.9.

Basically you need 16x16 tiles to make backgrounds that resemble pagodas and such, using NES restrictions.

gotcha. I'll see what i can do.

hey there, sorry for the late reply but yes, i'm still avaliable.

Hello! I'm one of the participants of this year's Famicase exhibition, (entry 177). I focus primarily on pixel art so bear that in mind.

If anyone is looking to get some help or needs some assets to work on their entries feel free to post here on this thread or if you prefer you can contact me directly over Discord ( MetaruPX#3200 ). I can't promise I can do full sets of assets and stuff, but I can do my best to help anyone in need.


there isalso this spread sheet created by Lazydevs that compiles every single entry and allows you to reach the original creator's twitter if you fancy doing that too.

The fact people did use bots to manipulate the votes should be enough reason to disregard popular choice as a way to handle one of the jam's prizes.

Even if the team manages to track down the main offender behind this the results have already been tampered.

It seems the judges had a sweet tooth for RPGs this time.
Congrats to everyone who made it to the top 10 o/

Hey there! thank you very much! glad you enjoyed it o/

Thank you very much!

We agree on the screen size being a limiting factor as well as the lack of enemies. we do have plans to improve on both aspects if the game gets futher developed.

One of our concerns was to make it sure that the mugs were within reason and avoided situation that could prove too problematic for players. If the game is featured and we can futher develop it we plan to up the actual challenge of the game and tune it accordingly so later levels become far more skill demanding without being overly frustrating.

Mr Coffee Time / C'mon grab your tiles~♪

During development one of our artist did mention the game had a Mario & Wario feeling due to the interactions you do with the mouse

Thank you! we're happy to know you liked them. c:

Tahnk you very much! glad you like it o/

that was entirely my fault. If anything we completely forgot to do a small spellcheck on the text strings to see if we missed anything.