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I just Got Good idk what to tell you

Very neat game, though I do think that the constant switching between moving and having the game play out is fairly annoying, how about having it step automatically once every second or so? I think having that along with the player being able to speed it up might make it more interesting, possibly creating new opportunities and all

Of course it's your game and all, I don't really know what you have in mind for this game, this is just a suggestion incase your idea for the game happens to align with this one at all

Keep it up!

I... oh my god
oh my god

This is beautiful

Very neat game! I think some of the upgrades accelerating your machine's production is making it too easy though, no reason to interact with the later on stuff when you can just keep opening new areas and make that much money even earlier
I was able to get through the entire game using only a very tiny section of the map and I was still making more money than I could spend it

I still really liked it overall and I think it's a very cool idea with a lot of potential, good job!

Score: 052, died at wavy ;-;

Took me a minute to realize how enemies actually died cause I kept dodging everything but I figured it out eventually 

Run time 4:21

so close....

24/18 Generators powered!

By the way I think you made a mistake in 22, the player was able to easily walk through the entire puzzle after only powering the triangle tiles due to the top row of blue tiles being accessible while they're unpowered

I was able to complete the puzzle while pretending you placed an extra row of walls under it to prevent going there and I was able to solve it using every feature in the room, so that was likely what you were aiming for

That was actually really neat! Good job!


I too, love Poland


really great game. there is just one problem. we need to be able to use the scrollwheel to switch guns and also make us able to use custom keybinds. its so annoying trying to switch my guns using the number pad because i do not have long fingers and i have to stop moving just to switch my gun.

this was pretty fun to speedrun. might wanna fix the glitch that makes you go faster when walking/running diagonally though.

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get discord

i couldn't see anything