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This was a cool little horror/mystery game! Loved the story and exploring what happened in the house. Took me a while to find some keys, very cheeky places they were hid lol. Overall, this was a great game!

Love the new update! Very surprised about the Thank You Room <3 

I still ran into the problem of him camping me in the downstairs area, even with the Mic turned off. BUT, other then that, the game is great! Im looking forward to the next update!

Well this was such a cute and scary horror game! I was so surprised at how well done this game is for the time it took them to make. Excellent job! I really felt like a Detective or Spooktective in the game.

I have to say this was a very enjoyable experience. The atmosphere to the game is very well done, the use of the jumpscares were well placed but didnt rely on loud sounds to make you jump. They were more surprising than anything. Great game, I look forward to more of what you have planed for the future!


You're welcome :)

Well, this game wa...interesting and got progressively harder! I'd say it's a horror game, but more PG-13 horror, which isnt bad at all. The thing I don't like is having to restart all the way back at the beginning. I think it would be cool to add a death animation instead of just words popping up on the screen. Good game though!

So, first time playing this, have to say the game is pretty creepy! The jumpscares got me quite a few times, but If I have to hear He-He one more time, ima He-He myself out a window. Great game though!

Nice little horror game to play if you want good atmosphere and an interesting ending. I enjoyed this one, for what it was. It left me guessing near the end of what happened, I like that! I was quite surprised 

This was a great find and a lot of fun. Love the old PS1 graphics, totally reminds me of 80s horror. Very good job!