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I just bought and and so far it seems pretty cool

I have one wish for the future. The clipper and limiter has some thresholds at which they kick in with full force. I would love some controls over the threshold and the amounts of limiting/clipping i get from them, maybe even be able to turn them off.

After a few days with it i think i might be ready to say that this has been released too soon.

There are some pretty big issues in my case when i am trying to use it on some tracks the clipping/limitng kicks in and is boosting it into oblivion. Used it on a drumkit and i could either be over or under the limiter because god help my speakers and my ears it would smash stuff.

I still really like the concept, i use something similar with overly complicated controls pretty much everywhere else. The issues in the limiting section kind of makes me have too shelve it for now.

I hope that you get some ekstra controls on it in the future cause the world need this kind of compressor.