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Hi. I loved your game, so I made a video about it in Portuguese (Brazil). Thank you for the game. 

Hi. Great job!

What is the text license? Can it be added to a Foundry VTT module?

Very nice. Is it possible to share them in a CSV? This make very easy to input at Foundry vtt.

Thank you. Request wit was a good choice?

A player wanted to use the firearm to kill enemies, I allowed. He used wit to roll. But, I couldn't find anything in the PDF about using the firearms to kill enemies. How do you see this?

You're amazing!

The alternative would be let the player without insight return to fight with the loss of a action point of his choice.

This would let him keep playing without create another PC with a severe consequence;

Rules Question

You can use the same item multiple times up to four uses? Or after use an item you can't use it again?

Rule Suggestion

It's annoying when a PC die in the begging in a oneshot. He can make another hunter or wait for the end.

So, you could add a rule to let him come back.


The PC who died will return to the Workshop if he has at least one insight. He will loose all insight then and must wait the current scene end.

The PC who died will turn into a corrupted hunter if he has no insight. He will now fight against the other PCs. 

Foundry VTT has published. People can search in the module list for bloodstone. Maybe, would be cool to add this option to game description.


Hi. Is there any chance of you add an expansion with arcane tools? Things like Augur of Ebrietas or A Call Beyond from bloodborne. It could use silver bullets too.


This module will be available soon for Foundry VTT:


Ok. Tks. Will you update the docs?

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I'm making a Foundry VTT build for this game. Can I share the build in the Foundry VTT repo? I would link to this page. Or maybe you want to add the fvtt world in here.


Great job!! Amazing game!

If a PC takes Harm and there is no Blood left to mark, the PC is dead.

Mark last one: you’re dead.

Hi, the PC will die if mark the fifth one or if he try to mark harm and there is no more space to mark it?

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Thank you for the amazing jog. I love this tool. 

Please, check out how I'm using them:

Can you increate the output size? 100x100 to 400x400 or something.

Thank you.

Can you make generate a gif or animated webm or animated  webp?

Hi. Nice job.

Can you turn this into a foundry vtt module?

What is the license for this? If you won't, can someone do it?



What is the license?

Can it be used to create a Foundry VTT module?   How much from the book can be added to this module?

Thank you.

Aasimar from The Paragon has no names.


Are there any plans to create a second edtion? Or maybe expand it?

Thank you.


What vehicle hit means?  

For  vehicle with 2 hits:
1. You need to give 2 damage to destroy?

2. You need to hit 2 times, with any amount of damage?

Can this pack be added to a Foundry VTT system?