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Thanks for playing.

nice!! time to start grinding the game dev journey!

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Ty for playing! If you wanted to check out my newest horror game Xenophobia, then by all means go for it!

Ty for playing!

Awh thats unlucky, if you're old enough you could get a job and eventually will be able to afford a Windows computer. Anyways, still very good stuff considering Scratch! Well done.

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Yes very good stuff and considering your skill in Scratch, maybe you could try out Unity or Unreal Engine? I feel like you'd be a well known developer.

Very cool concept, i like how you made it all in scratch!

Yeah no problem mate good game regardless.

Good game very immersive.

Oh lol

Good game, reminds me of phasmophobia. Only thing, even on my 1660 super I was averaging 25 FPS, very laggy. Maybe optimisation and extra polishing and then the game can be awesome.

Pretty cool game man only thing is even after lowering graphics my GPU temp was high af considering it was just a demo game. Good game regardless, excited for full game.

Good game bro but maybe add some creature that follows you. Also i kept crashing sometimes, maybe fix that?

No problem

Cool game i like the style you went for but my mouse kept going to my other monitor when aiming to sides, good game regardless

Good game but make sensitivity slider

Good game but maybe a settings menu? My gpu temp was 76 degrees celsius :O

Good game but when i got to large door, i wasn't able to use my key i found from the painting.

Ty for playing :D

Haha ty for playing.

Haha thanks for checking this game out!

Lol, thanks for playing.

Lol gg indeed.

Ty for playing :D

Thanks for playing.

Ty for playing.

Ty for playing.

Ty for playing lol.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Ty for playing!

No problem, ty for playing!

Unfortunately I do not have any other socials but if you wanted to play my other work, about 2 weeks ago I released a new horror game called Xenophobia. Regardless, thanks for playing :)

Thank you for playing - haha yes very unsettling.

Well, I recently released a new horror game called Xenophobia. It's on my profile if you wanted to play it. 100% your choice though :)

Thank you for playing!!

Thanks for playing!

Nope, if you get the Personal plan you get it 100% for free.

Hmm, what exactly do you mean? If you were wondering, I started for complete free!