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Nice game! The concept was fun, and I was impressed by the art you managed to do with only 2 colors. And there were some good puzzles too. I think I liked the 2nd-to-last one the most.

Using the arrowkeys and spacebar makes the page scroll down in the browser, and that made it almost impossible to play.

When the player dies, you should have it restart the level or start from the beginning rather than closing the entire game, because that got pretty annoying.

The music and graphics are good, but there are a couple issues:

  • Swinging my sword doesn't seem to have any effect on enemies most of the time. Once in a while when I hit them, it makes them partially transparent so I know that they are low on health, but most of the time nothing happens. I don't know if there's issues with the collision masks and most of my attacks don't register, or if they are registering but I just have no way of knowing. If it's the former, then maybe try adjusting the collision masks so that attacks that are clearly landing have an effect. Also, adding some sound effects would go a long way. 
  • The game closes every time you die which is extremely annoying.

Still, it's pretty good for a first game: Definitely better than mine.