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A member registered Feb 04, 2019

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Super fun game, definitely think it could be useful for aim training, here's some feedback.

  • Increase visibility and readability for enemies, their heads sometimes blend in to their bodies while they are rolling/dodging and the animations are a bit hard to read. Possibly add full bright models/force color settings like quake?
  • I think dodging patterns could be a little more interesting, AD spamming like a real player would in games like quake/rtcw/db would be cool and with the combination of head shot's it feels perfect. Essentially the dodging should be a bit faster than what it is now, especially because the TTK is  so low for most enemies.
  • I'm not sure if you'd be willing to change weapon balance but, having to slow down in-order to consistently hit shots at longer ranges doesn't feel very fun to me in such a fast paced game.  The Full-Auto weapon feels like it has too much spread the bursts you have to do for accurate shots are too short, maybe make it take longer for the spread to take effect. If not maybe add a tracking weapon that is 100% accurate?
  • This might already be planned but projectile weapons like a rocket launcher or plasma gun and enemies to mid air would be super fun.