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Sorry. I got away from the game and forgot to come back until I saw your post. Tried it again, and I did get to the penny. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. I ended up getting the snake charm twice... Regardless, I did enjoy your game. Love the graphic style on it. Hoping you got some more stuff in the works.

This is actually really cool. Reminds me a lot of the old Atari 2600 games I played as a kid. Just better graphics! Thanks!


Maybe not a softlock and just bad effort on my part but how do you get that last penny? I've got a gold key, but I can't find a way to get the third penny to move the snake.

Hate to see the hard levels. I can't do the easy one!!

Liked it. Graphics are nice, and I loved the flare effect. I think I got to the end... it just kinda stopped. Good job!

So how do we get hints? I'm kinda stuck.

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This game is brutally hard... had fun for a bit, but I gave up. I can't pull of the timing on some of the robot levels. I'll leave it for the pros! Nice game though! I did enjoy it!

** Couldn't resist. I had to come back and try it again! Got the cup of hope! 55 deaths but I made it! Great game. Thank you!

Made it through 2 levels before realizing this game is hard as s**t! Loads of fun for those two levels.


Thanks! I was able to go back and finish it! Nice game! Didn't require those ridiculous timed jumps and such like a lot of games. It was just a relaxing way to pass some time! 

I was really liking this.. and then I fell off the forest. Not sure if its a bug or  a feature, but I'm in a black background and seem kinda stuck. Otherwise, its a good game! Enjoyed what I saw a lot!

Liked it! Only wish it were longer!

Awesome! Boy I wish I could do stuff like this! So much like Ultima!

Thanks for the response. I've often wondered what was up with that not just here but other sites. Appreciate the response and your programming!

when I use the arrow keys, the entire screen moves around. Bug or issue on my end? I have no idea. Otherwise, its a good game!

Fast paced is the truth about this game. I really like it, but I can't go fast enough before the cops are breaking the door down. Looks great, seems like it'd be fun, but I guess its just not for me. BTW, does making the right move in some order extend the time I've got before I have to make the next move? If not, perhaps it needs to slow down a bit before the cops knock the door in on you

Really good game... wish it just had a way to continue. Getting several levels in and having to start over again is really annoying.

So helping her do all those chores is doing nothing?

Not a clue on what to do with this game...

Any hints on 22?

I know exactly what it is... Lemme see if I can find what he wants in exchange for it. UGH!! Good game.. I'm just stupid!! Haha!

Made the mask, received the plant... Even pimped the fish bowl... And then... Stopped. I think I've got to do somethibg with the hairdresser for some reason (that magazine) but otherwise I'm stuck. 

I'm stuck... I feel like I've explored everywhere.. Magazine is still with the hairdresser.. I've found a book on colors... but how do I progress past the squirrels? I'm apparently overlooking something. Clues? Anything? HALP!!!!  (OAN, great game, I really wish they still made them like this...)