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I'm not sure why I wasted 4 weeks washing clothes... but, here I am. Does anything else happen? As far as the emotion I feel whenever I do laundry... you nailed it.

This is really cool. My only question... am I supposed to lose sanity that fast?

Any clues?

Someone got a video of actually beating this thing? Is it even possible to get back to the start of it?

342 dead Harolds, 12 saved, 149 resets, 62:41 -- lots of fun, lots of frustration!! Good game!!

Yep. I just clicked release game about 5x and won. Good for me.

How do I even open the door to play the thing?

Any suggestions on how to start?

How in the name of all that is holy do you get past the room adjacent to the red square (upper level)?? I surrender. How do you do it?

Any hints on the last room? I'm not ah-ha-ing.

You should dive it. That wall is amazing!

Good game. Took me a few days and a few rage quits, but I persevered. Thanks for sharing!!

That was fun! Thanks for sharing!

That was for about 5 minutes. Then I realized I'm an idiot and gave up. Good game.

Good game. Next to last level took some time but conquered! Thanks for sharing!

Any clues for that last room? I'm not seeing that "a-ha" moment.

Hahahahahaahahahaha! Perfect!!

After I understood how it all worked, I really enjoyed it! Good game and some good puzzles. Challenging without requiring me to be a member of Mensa to solve them! Thank you!!

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You are going to have to explain this to me like I'm 5. I've pushed those logs up, but I don't see anyway to get them onto the land. The problem is not the water. I can swim. The problem is getting a log onto land so I can fill in the pit and then climb the stairs.  I absolutely do not see any way to do it.

** Nevermind. I found a walkthrough. I'd have never got that.

How!? How do you from down there and back to the main map?

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. I think I'm stuck. I rescued the light blue thing in the bottom left corner (I think it's an otter or a beaver), and I can now swim. However, I can't seem to get back to the forest. I can't retreat the way I came because of a rock blocking the path. I can't climb the waterfalls to the east. Is there a way out that I'm missing somewhere? HELP!!

Nice time killer. Maxed most things... was fun while it lasted.

Great for awhile and then I hit level 9. I'm not agile enough to do that one.

Pretty good game! Thanks for sharing!

That is crazy stupid hard. Wow.

Great game! Got both endings. Tricky on that grail!!

Thank you! I'll probably be screaming for help later, but I like what you did here. 

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I love this. I'm dumb as a rock and destined to remain a lowly peasant, but I still love it. However, it's not saving progress? Is this a bug, a feature, or a goof up with my browser?

Ok, I'll give it another go. Probably my end. Thank you!!!

Is puzzle 106 possible?

Good game!! Thanks for sharing!!

Lots of fun!! Thanks for sharing!

Anyone want to give a clue on the Following Suit level? I think its level 22

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/Ok. I've spent to much time trying in the section after you find the fan.  There is one place where a bridge is blocking the door until you press the button under the bridge. But it seems to far to jump. Sorry not sure how else to explain it, but its after you find the fan, climb up, and head left. Help! 
Edit: And of course after 30 minutes within 10 seconds of posting this, I figure it out. Well played!

Thanks! I thought he had to go over the hill.

How do you get over that stinkin' spike on the second level?!?

Good game!!

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Good game. Once I found out there was something new I could draw, it helped a lot. Good mechanics throughout! Thanks!! BTW, that last level was great!! Took a second but then I figured it out!!!

Needs more levels!!!