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bummer!! thank you for the info

ahh, i was hoping it wasn't something like that. yes, i'm on an old machine. i'm actually using bootcamp on a 2015 macbook air which only has an integrated intel hd graphics 5000 as the gpu. is there anything i can do to get this to work or am i out of luck completely?

i just can't get this to work. it always crashes for me after i select to start a new project or open an existing project. this is the output i get in rectitude's app data folder:

io :: C:\Program Files\data\images\icon64x64.png True

io :: prj dir C:/Users/merry/rectitude projects/test

rectitude.ui.ogl.minimal_triangle :: Vertex shader compilation error: ERROR: 0:1: '' :  incorrect GLSL version: 460

ERROR: 0:11: 'proj' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'view' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'model' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'vtx_position' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'constructor' : not enough data provided for construction 

ERROR: 0:13: 'v_color' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:13: 'vtx_colour' : undeclared identifier

any idea how i can fix this?

ahhh, thank you. that makes sense. the trick is that the target bone must not be in the same chain as the bone with the IK constraint. i tried it out and it's working as intended.

i'm having a difficult time understanding how IK works in pixelover. I've watched the brief tutorials from the official pixelover youtube. i've studied the inverse_kinematics example included with the software. but when it comes to actually implementing it in one of my own projects i can never get it to work for me.

so what is the proper workflow for applying IK to two bones? do i select two bones first, then change their constraint to IK? or do i select each bone individually and separately switch their constraints to IK? then, what would the target be? do the two bones have the same target? or is the first bone's target the 2nd bone, and then the second bone's target is the? when do you choose to set a new bone as the target as opposed to an existing one? and how does hierarchy/parenting in the scene affect IK? i can show you a pic of my rig/scene hierarchy if that'll make it easier. it's driving me crazy trying to figure it out, haha