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Well, this looks really interesting - would love to help test/Early Access, and could possibly get this some wider press coverage...

D’oh! Got my issues mixed up

Read an interview with John Davies in issue 251 of Retro Gamer, out at the end of September

right, thanks!

I've reassembled the pieces - but does it detect that you have won/completed it?

Cool. Needs to be a time limit or something on it, or perhaps particular blocks/paths that only Wheel Mode can get through...

Odd. Creatures don't seem to be spawning properly, go for ages without seeing one - and when I do kill one, the count doesn't go up?

thanks! Good luck with the game, we will review it in ZZAP! 64 soon

Is this a final build or just a preview?

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Put me down for a hysical cartridge :D

Ah, thanks. That explains why I could not get past that screen. The first screen - I jumped up to where the windows are and jumped to the right. So I ended up high above the corridor on screen 2.

I tried this earlier with two problems.
Level 1, I jumped up at the windows and got onto the second screen above the corridor. I could only go back to the first screen but I could not then get back to level 2.
On level 6, there is no way to get down to the three items - the "fish" moves too fast and you cannot get under it.


Thanks! That makes more sense.

Hi, I have downloaded the game - but the files seem to be duplicated. Side A Part 1 and Side A Part 1, Side B Part 1 and Side B Part 1, Side C Part 1 and Side C Part 1 - there are no Part 2 files, in English or Portugese?

The D64 contains multiple programs. C64 users need to type LOAD"SNAKE",8 then RUN to play Snake.

This is great fun, really captures the spirit and style of Wario Ware.

Really interesting read. It would be possible to do a "crescendo" by making the Sustain part of the monster's sound effect gradually increase from a low value to a higher one as it got closer to the player.

Looks very cool, would love to talk to you about it for Retro Gamer magazine

Good fun! Got a time of 5:05 in Sprint Mode.

Thanks! It was my predecessor, the late Jason Kelk, who first introduced me to PICO-8. And I have really enjoyed checking out all the games (and especially the retro styled ones) being made with it on and in jams. Helitack was one I loved, so wanted to bring it to the attention of more people. 

Good fun, just managed to find my picnic in 28 seconds...

Great idea!

That's cool

Looking forward to this, will definitely cover it for Retro Gamer

Awesome work Paul, loving the attract sequence

Another excellent array of entries, crossing genres and styles. So much fun!

Excellent work, really enjoying these VIC games

Very clever, love the card designs and how it helps you by showing what can be played.

This is great fun, love the graphics and the mechanics

Fascinating, I wonder if other devs back in the commercial era experienced something similar?

Good fun and a good conversion, but my concern is that in Arcade Mode it is very difficult to tell when you can eat the Munchers - the sprite change is very small, and needs to be more noticeable.

OK, email me on merman at hotmail dot co dot uk

OK, add me on Twitter so we can get in touch directly

Perhaps you can use something like Google Translate?

Hi, reaching out to ask if you would be interested in talking about the jam to Retro Gamer magazine

Follow me on Twitter @merman1974

Hi, reaching out to ask about doing a feature on the jam for Retro Gamer magazine - talking to the organisers and participants.
Follow me on Twitter @merman1974


Hi, interested in covering this for Retro Gamer

Adding you there, thanks!