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"The file you are trying to download is no longer available
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The file has been removed as it violated our Terms of Service.
Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist.
The file has been deleted by the user."

Are you still working on this game?


very wholesome. Also I see why everyone is begging for Reo xD 

Love it, fun!

Male or female protagonist? Can't tell from description or tags

Fun game! Excited for more beach scenes

Barber shop in Pervish- She likes the Sniper hairstyle. Go to Elyana in her room in your house and there's a new dialogue to click in red.

You probably need to increase your attitude to more slutty. Basically click any options to have sex, the easier one at the start is to keep going with the shy guy in the random forest encounter where you'll go to the lake. Also the Black Stone Shrine in the forest, i think will also help if you do the "test" and answer bad girl?

oh thanks! I'll try

paying them gold does nothing but end the encounter. Apparently you have to give birth to 4 orcs before you can enter the village :/

lose to the final boss in the first dungeon, and i assume all final bosses in dungeons will have a bad end

If anyone else is looking for this option, go to the mixed baths in tale and talk to annie until you unlock her shop, then buy the contra-potion. Luckily it's 11g and permanent. Just wish it was a setting. Hopefully next game..

it's not working for  me either

PLEASE add the option to disable pregnancy in settings 🙏

Submit is the easiest way, you technically win and get money and loot. Otherwise, I guess use potions

F :(

Fun game! there's a bug where if you get a tattoo before buying the punk outfit, it disappears from the purchase section. I had to reload an older save so I could buy it.

Fun so far! looking forward to more scenes

Are there any guides for this game? or a discord? I'm a little lost 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

Do you play as a female protagonist?


Can you play as a female protagonist?

can you play as a female protagonist? 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

Can you play as a female protagonist ? 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

played the other endings ^^ acceptance def my favorite.

super cute, if only I was into impact play xD

Looking forward to your next game then :) 

Super cute, I love it. Came back to replay it

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oh man that plot is hot, I want to play as the girl though haha, and lose on purpose ^^

What gender is the main character? Can you play as a girl?

This game is difficult enough that it needs a walkthrough but I can't find any online :/

Looks really fun TvT wish i could play as a girl

I think extra skills and stuff is Patreon only, if that's what you mean. 

This game is a lot of fun. I love the customization options. Just hoping for more updates

I look forward to it!