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Are there any guides for this game? or a discord? I'm a little lost 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

Do you play as a female protagonist?


Can you play as a female protagonist?

can you play as a female protagonist? 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

Can you play as a female protagonist ? 

Can you play as a female protagonist?

played the other endings ^^ acceptance def my favorite.

super cute, if only I was into impact play xD

Looking forward to your next game then :) 

Super cute, I love it. Came back to replay it

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oh man that plot is hot, I want to play as the girl though haha, and lose on purpose ^^

What gender is the main character? Can you play as a girl?

This game is difficult enough that it needs a walkthrough but I can't find any online :/

Looks really fun TvT wish i could play as a girl

I think extra skills and stuff is Patreon only, if that's what you mean. 

This game is a lot of fun. I love the customization options. Just hoping for more updates

I look forward to it!

love it!

it's cute! wish there was a hint feature or guide though

will we be able to play as a girl?

not sure why but I can't start the game. Pressing E does nothing

first blind playthrough I got ending 4 a hug goodbye. I'm proud I emerged unscathed 

this game is so fun! excited for more updates. great job writing, and having so much character customization 

I enjoyed this one ^^ it seems there's only one ending? acceptance? unless that's a bug

very cute ^^ nice work

love it

cute and spooky ^^

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very cute! love the art and theme

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love it! I'm also a monster fucker lolol. excited for more monsters

loved the demo! can't wait for the full game. I love merpeople

very cute!