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Merlinn Sound

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Good game! I really liked the core idea, but it was too difficult for me :-(

I was completely surprised by turning into that creature. Amazing idea

I really liked this game. It was thrilling and well balanced. Great entry!

The shooting mechanic is funny, but I didn't get if there is any gameplay or goal.

Hey, the game is a lot of fun. It took me some time to figure out, what to do, but then I really enjoyed it. I didn't understand what to do with the combinations though

Made it to the button level

I didn't know, which comments are good and which are bad, so this was really frustrating for me :-(

There appeared a error message, that a file could not be loaded every 5 seconds. Could not play a lot of it because of that.

Nice game. I made it to the end. Good difficulty progression. Nice relaxing music.

Amazing game, that improves your spatial skills. I just wished I could rotate the blocks around the Y-axis!