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The game looks really cute. You should add a counter for the pizza slices and some winning or game-over condition. Very creative idea, what could happen, after the package is delivered!

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Good game idea overall, but it gets frustrating quite fast. Maybe make some easier levels first and progress to more difficult ones,  so the player gets some rewards in between. And the game could benefit a lot from some music.

Really amazing typing game. It was tense, because I'm not the fastest typer, but I could make it to the end. The end itself was really surprising and rewarding :-)

I would add some unlock sounds when you progress to the next computer and achievement sounds when you finish a stage.

I encountered a bug where I was put on a place where there was no computer and I couldn't get somewhere else.

I didn't understand how you can make points in the game. I tried to hit the falling items with the player, so they fall into the boxes, but this didn't give me points I think.

I played the WebGL version in Safari browser on an iPhone 6. It worked without problems! The playing experience with the touch screen is a lot better than with keyboard

Good game! I really liked the core idea, but it was too difficult for me :-(

I was completely surprised by turning into that creature. Amazing idea

I really liked this game. It was thrilling and well balanced. Great entry!

The shooting mechanic is funny, but I didn't get if there is any gameplay or goal.

Hey, the game is a lot of fun. It took me some time to figure out, what to do, but then I really enjoyed it. I didn't understand what to do with the combinations though

Made it to the button level

I didn't know, which comments are good and which are bad, so this was really frustrating for me :-(

There appeared a error message, that a file could not be loaded every 5 seconds. Could not play a lot of it because of that.

Nice game. I made it to the end. Good difficulty progression. Nice relaxing music.

Amazing game, that improves your spatial skills. I just wished I could rotate the blocks around the Y-axis!