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It's been an interesting experiment, this game, but I do think an essential addition is a readme file. Providing one helps explain to players the game's features, changelog, bugs, and any other relevant info that enables players to get a better description of what works, what doesn't, and what's to come.

Also, are some features found in the demo 0.1.4 release missing? For one, I don't seem to notice Naomi reacting positively to head pats any longer, while the option to rub her clit is no longer available, among other things.

EDIT: upon closer inspection, when launching the 0.2.8 release you packaged, the version number at the main menu's top right corner indicates it's actually 0.2.5. Is this a typo, or is this a case of accidentally packaging an older release instead of 0.2.8? I would suggest reuploading the correct version, then