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funny maid rip sheep at least the cultists(?) are chill

I like escape game hope I don't get trap here for eternity!!

thinking about how they actually have a good ending with this one comparing to... well...

really cute tho I love them so much asdjskah uhhuhuhasdjkahdg

Suddenly remember about this game, really good and thought provoking

thank you! It was an idea in the back of my mind for a while and I'm glad I did it justice 

Aww, ty! Glad you enjoyed it :>

Can't believe I forgot to rate this epic game


i would

Ah yes, I love April's fool so much

god I love this series, look forward to any future games :)

try alt+enter

now if you excuse me I will draw Morris fanart to ease the pain 

I beg someone make mods for Morris(and maybe Melissa too) like Monika afterstory  because comon we wanna date them fr

Ah I didn't expect this much sadness :( Morris is a good boy real, putting him on my "cute people I'd date irl" list along side with Monika *sob*

Ahhh I've been waiting for this but I will be away from my laptop for a while-

I literally have to watch someone else's playthrough to know where the password is I just can't focus with all those words and paper adhd unfriendly :c

cute game jokes aside tho its just me frfr


will not play again

11/10 recommend



most relatable part is when the partner said they read wiki instead of paying attention in class

looks cool, physic bit weird tho

literally best game in humankind history

tea loop

played it on mobile, easier on pc, great game

I'm too lazy to check for the secret if someone gets it please do share lol

jokes asides this is some high quality stuff the graphic is so good I ended up admiring it and forgot its a horror game


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I do? people don't have to comment after the gameplay

and I mean, there aren't much to it

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Oh boy don't I just love this VN, the characters kinda grow on me

what species is Kurt though, or is it spoiler?

never say no to gay furry

It was so fun to play, tho the endings really caught me off guard 😅

its so cute...


thought its a normal game about house. oh god how wrong I was

I adore this...

creepy af... love it

cute girls. YES

I love how you just made a game that you can show your anger to the ghost...literally. A bit too intense for me tho

bears are cute. but... never mind.

It was interesting, and It kinda blew my mind...

best game I've ever played. It touched my soul, and taught me life lesson. Game of the year, the new decade too maybe. One masterpiece that people, even other creatures will find it meaningful after centuries