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That will be fixed in the next version

Possibly I just wish I honestly had more time

Currently working on that at the current moment I plan on fixing the camera, the controls and movement, and the enemy AI

I'll look into the controls. With regards to the theme my though would be fake floors that you fall into and also the multiple portals as opposed to the winning portal. Thanks for the feedback, If you don't mind me asking what did you find wrong with the controls?

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My thought of the fake floors and and multiple portals makes the game lie to you. Also what specifically did you find wrong with the controls and the camera

Thanks bra

Really lovely art style and I can say a lot of time was taken building the characters. The pixel art medium was definitely executed well.

The game design is good I wish it was a tad faster though.

Lol the chiptune music is funny not really scary. What scares me in this game is being overwhelmed by enemies haha

Nice game!

Overall I really like the concept a tad confusing when getting started but after dying a lot I finally found out what to do. 

I found the menu game level very innovative. You never really see that in video games.  

The art style is unique and weirdly reminds me of south park for some reason. I like it Nice one

Fun game.

I really like the modern take on retro graphics plus the game control mechanics might get a bit of getting used to a first the player eventually will learn them.

The games totally fits the theme as it uses the levels elements to make the player see if the game is lying to them

Some things to take note on is the camera I found a bit fast and hard to get used to but other wise its cool.

Nice work man!!

If you fancy rating mine you can find it here:

Thanks :D

Nice work man!!!