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no, u are the best fistbumps*

no problem bro/sis c;

welcome bro/sis c;


thnk uuu

Fixed brother! looks like It skipped the part where the character is teleported to the main island(2nd island after the tutorial)

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Hey bro ^^, its in the image/file name of each picture

can you send me a screeny broo? thnk u so much for playing

thnks bro/sis ^^

yeah bro

goodluck on your game bro ^^
do you have a link to your game?

thnk bro ^^

yeah sure bro dm me at discord ^^

what happened bro?

thnks my dude ^^

欢迎 :D


thnk u bro ^^

pretty sure ive sent the copy to

sure man

thnks man ^^, if you need it, i could send em over and just let you pay whenever you want

in the future yes ^^

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Bienvenido hermano

Sent the vids brother ^^ thanks again, let me know if you need more help :)

Sent brother :) check your email, let me know if something went wrong :D 

thank you brother ^^, ill be sending a video file to your email

this is epic bro ^^

heya dude, those must have been the Tiled json files which you can open using Tiled:

awesome dude!

this is epic my dude!

thnx dude

sorry i have dyslexia, id be glad to join ur jam bro

oh wait actually let me join hehe ill make some cat npcs

i wont join but ill start following those types of jam

yep its CC0

yeah sure bro send me the link 0.

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most of the music are made by rpgmaker but there are lots that we made aswell ^^

yeah this was an old version of the game let me upload it im thinking uhh this saturday?

i deleted alot of dialogs lol

heya sorry man late reply wasnt around a few months back