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yes you can use them for comercial use

lookin good man 

yeah bro, I made it as an HTML game so we can post it later on our school's website ^^. for Thesis stuff I mean

thnks brooo, ur game is intense! awesome job man

damn bro hahah

awesome bro ^^ goodluck on ur gam

Thnks man ^^ the Characters are the only ones i made, other assets belong to and

CC0 bro/sis

sure bro, here they are

(1 edit)

heya man i just recolored those stuff ^^ * they werent a part of the pack*

thank you so much for this bro, let me fix that right no

ahh all good bro ^^ it was fun making these assets 

no problemo man c:

welcome my  bro/sis ^^

thnk u bro/sis ^^

Lookin good brother

thank you so muchhh bro id love this <3

it would be amazing if we could also alter/modify the background

Thnx man ^^

thnk u :D

ahh i get it now, yeah bro the first image is meant to be big, the others are just screenshots, thank u for telling me, ill fix em up a bit

thnk u man ^^

heya bro, sorry im not sure what u meant

sure man

(1 edit)

sure! no problem man ^^ 

Here is a simple mockup for this asset pack ;)

yep! ^^ i also uploaded em to opengameart rest assured


thnk u

thank you so much man ^^

welcome maan hope ur having an awesome day

thnk u man, i did this with my puny characters asset pack, ill try adding some sample maps next time for mini world ^^

sure thing bro/sis

thank youuu ^^ i see, i just put all my old stuff together, even the books and chests are in diff perspective didnt notice that until now hehe

aye thnk uuu ^^

ty man

This game is soo funn cheers man

thnk u bro ^^ 

thanks man