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For me, once I get to the second level of the dungeon I am having a hard time not getting greedy and end up losing everything I've gathered every day by being hit by a single slime. I would greatly appreciate if when you get hit by a slime and leave the dungeon that you would not lose every single thing you have gathered, but rather a portion. That way I don't get frustrated and stop playing the game altogether due to a series of mistakes and get even a tiny bit of reward for the time spent in the dungeon.

The caravan merchant that shows up on the overview map every once in a while offers the ability to swap artifacts. so you can change artifacts of non-elven type for elven artifacts.

This story is a wild ride the whole way through.

If you have enough of the currency from that zone to use the money command on aura you can reset the collar and remove it again. And Aura can sacrifice stats permanently to earn more currency for the money command if you run out. 

I talked to everyone twice and then moved left towards the cellar and it triggered the next scene for me.

I really like the story so far (through the introduction of Pierre). Keep up the good work. *Thumbs up*