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h o l y  s h i t  this game is amazing

i cant open it on windows 11, it just says it contains a virus or potentially unwanted applications

do you have something against furries or is this just satire?

can i get the source code for this?

another amazing game from an amazing person

love plasma burst btw

can you possibly make a web version?

mate your a fucking legend

ok thx

fuck you 2020

my highest wave I've gotten to is 30 cuz i got the attention span of a rock lmao

I think its safe to say I just won

can you please add an option to turn off shadows and decrease the game res so my PC can run it in  the web version?

this is amazing, even at 15 fps

this games controls are  whack as hell


I'm winner!

this takes a long time to load

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I got down to gold level in the mines but can't find where to sell anything below the white ore

challenge complete

progress update 3

progress update 2

progress update

i challenge myself to get 100k

wow thanks!


I got a few more ideas so just message me if u need ideas! :P

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and different bombs, that can be used infinitely as long as the fuel requirements are met,

vein bomb - when this bomb is thrown it will stick to the first surface it comes into contact with, if it is an ore, it will mine all adjacent ores of that type, up to 10 blocks away from the place the bomb exploded, if it is a tile or stone block it will explode, but not damage anything. - uses 1/6 of a fuel bar

line bomb - when this bomb is thrown it will explode on contact with a block in a formation selected before the bomb is thrown, the formations can be:  3 blocks high - 20 blocks wide /OR/ 20 blocks high - 3 blocks wide. - uses 1/6 of a fuel bar

extract bomb - this bomb will explode all tiles and normal blocks in a 25 - 25 radius, leaving nothing but the ores, useful for delicate resources. also explodes on impact.

- uses 1/7 of a fuel bar

clear bomb - explodes everything in a 35 - 35 block radius, but no resources are gained from the exploded ores. also explodes on impact. - uses 1/3 of a fuel bar

bomb - when thrown, this bomb will bounce for 3 seconds after thrown then detonate, exploding everything in a 10 - 10 tile radius. - uses 1/13 of a fuel bar

c4 - when thrown, the c4 will stick to the first surface it comes into contact with, and will not detonate until the detonator has been pressed, when c4 detonates it will explode everything in a 10 - 10 block radius, because of the remote detonation capabilities it is useful for more controlled explosions. - uses 1/6 of a fuel bar

ok, and just a suggestion, but can you maybe add something in the full version that allows you to place 2 beacons, that upon interaction, teleport the player to and from the locations of the beacons at the cost of 1 bar of energy


I also just read the game desc. and saw that it the world is infinite

I am postponing the challenge because I just realized how long this will take

challenge update: I keep getting killed and having to restart, on the count of you lose half of your spoils when you die. so its gonna be a long challenge.

I will get as much money as possible and mine every ore in the world

I cant see my reader when i get the plasma reader

it won't let me heat up my bars

settings -> import


nice! maybe add some more levels?

the sensitivity is crack