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Z. Meowskivich

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game's runnin' at a smooth 5 fps in browser. I see you mention in your issues listed above that it's one of the problems with the game. Seems pretty fun so far, but I think I'll sit on this until the slowdown issues are resolved. Very amusing and cute characters.

pretty nifty

speeding up when you glide longer seems pretty dang snazzy, that'll be fun to play with

I would love to see this idea expanded upon. No pun intended. A very enjoyable, though short, game. I think I'd prefer a number timer instead of a bar, and maybe the option to "go to sleep" and see the results screen without letting the timer run out, but that's more for speedrun desires, lol.

Here's hoping for a sequel.

Well that was amusing.

A cute idea, I'd like to see it expanded upon.

Puns aside,  it would be nice to have a way of restoring energy outside of battles besides consuming items. It would also be nice to have something like a sprint button to move faster out of combat to make the trek back to the relief machine less of a chore.

I also wonder, is the game inspired by Final Fantasy Mystic Quest? The encounter system reminds me of it.