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This is so gonna worth it!! im all for it. thank you so much for your hard work ;;!!

Quiickk question. Do we affect the personality of the MC with the choices and suddenly I got a hugely mean incredibly mean MC because of an error of mine, or they are just 'difficult'  in all routes? ?? I mean got an episode where they just start hating  dogs, and at that point im not sure if this is my fault??? 

I don't find a way to unlock we have to complete all routes first? like just the good ends, or just the bad ends? all ends? thanks for your help!

The file is not working ;-; when I try to unzip I get the error:
The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


I think I found a bug!

I'm wondering if it's normal, but I think it's not loading sprites. 

I'm currently running windows 7 and it's kind of old, but I just can load close up sprites...I could still see sprites in the previous version, so I'm kinda sad ;; 
thank you!