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Designing: 1 hour
Music: 1 hour (including learning the song)
Vocal: 3~4 hours (realized halfway through that I had to voice each verse twice)
Picture/Drawing: 1 hour
Publishing/Copyright stuff: 1 hour
Coding the damn thing: 2~3 hours
Fighting Unity: 3~5 hours (Searching various error, WebGL fuckery, resolution shenanigan, compilation times)
Sound mixing: 1 hour (would have put more time if I had more)

... Now imagine if I actually put effort in the thing.

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Just a small note on incremental design: Increase the cost of upgrade when bought and make the upgrades better than the previous one. As it stands, Grass is the only viable option since there's no limit on how much you can buy them when you generate enough clover per seconds, which is about when you can buy the next upgrade, and the upgrade after is worse than the base one.

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TIFF images can easily take 100 mb by themselves. The pictures in this game are high quality.
High quality =/= High effort, mind you. Those picture are probably the dev dog pictures, which I'm sure they had on hand and just sticked them on virtual walls.

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I mean, it's easy to make an unoptimized mess that has five time the size it should.
Look at every AAA games not made by Nintendo out in the last five years.

The size seems to come from the default lighting system and mind you that pictures can be very heavy, especially at this amount.

The music remains after you back out of the game. Something's wrong with that system.

Same lul

If you like my sense of humor, you might like my other Low Effort Jam game; Thing Clicker :3

Thank you for your nice words!

I do love to make voice overs and weird sounds with my mouth.

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My overall strategy was:

  • Pressing space and up on ladders to gain considerable speed.
  • I avoided ladders to go down.
  • I took the lower path at the branch (the higher path gets slowed by the ladder and has to do much more distance overall)
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Could have some optimizations in my run. I think the best score possible would be around 175.

You might wanna check for sprite collision when you spawn the birds.

Great concept otherwise! I got one band correct, the others... I either filled them with full drummers, full guitarist or it was completely jumbled.

Man, and here I thought I was unbeatable at this type of game. Got my ass handed to me at round 23 lol


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Dunno, I found the level 4 to be pretty straightforward. Good level design, having the important objects in red on a monochrome background is very clever.


Getting the ball rolling.
I'm better at editing already made stuff than creating from scratch.

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Mine is Trois Petits Chats.
A choose-your-own-lyrics kinda edutainment game to learn French (when all the sprite animations will be in at least).

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I agree with most of your point, but personally I felt quite the opposite about the cases. Case 1 did feel like a tutorial, and had some questionable FTUE design, but I didn't feel like I was trying to get the game to say what I already figured out. Case 2, however, I knew exactly who was the culprit after watching the second witness testimony. I had a hard time trying to get the game cooperating with me to get the culprit out. Case 3 was perfect in my mind. Wasn't too long, and neither was it too short, and I figured out the fact as they were revealed.

I've done 10 games against the very first mouse in the game, and it seems almost impossible to beat. It always have 15+ total, so you have to get 15+, but doing so has a great chance of busting. In all the game I made, I hit to get over 15 if I don't already have, and I bust. If I would have not hit, I would have lost anyway. If I have 15+, the mouse somehow always have over the amount I had. Am I missing something?

"John Titor was here"

Pack it up boy. This is the best indie game of the year.

Nah, if you get the animator you get 140$/s

Oof, this is a hard submission to rate, since not everyone has access to TTS


Accurate exe name.

It's really easy to be softlocked, and no reset buttons makes it frustrating to play :/

My left ear really enjoyed the music :3

Nice little game. Cheesing the last level with a leap of faith was satisfying.

I got 191!

Cute VN :3

The music is fantastic! Great job.

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Great metaphor on our unavoidable death.

7.8/10 Too much water

P.S. I'd avoid right clicking in an HTML game. Some browsers, like Opera, have shortcut linked to right clicking. This makes it harder to play the game without opening a new tab.

Beware, if you scroll past the next button, you get softlock, and there isn't a way to exit the game in the game itself, not even when the game finish.

Same on Opera (Chromium in general seems to be affected)

I second that idea.

2 attempts (48 seconds)

I love that you shared your dev documents. Very inspiring!

This brings back memories of all those sandbox type of games.

Good job!

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The fact that this is system-neutral is awesome. I'll check if Shadowrun would be viable. I'd love to recreate the chapter 4 (Gluttony's arc) of Widdershins with this... As soon as I gather enough people.